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Exercise of the Week: Standing External Rotation to Wall

Written on May 24, 2013 at 1:10 am, by Eric Cressey

This week's exercise of the week is a great fit for everyday lifters and baseball players alike, as it builds rotator cuff strength without any equipment.

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  • Great tip, Eric! Love anything that gives guys an easy way to strengthen there cuff for throwing – don’t have bands/tubing handy? No excuses, get this done!

  • John R Costello

    Very cool and easy to do and coach. Question, I have never seen you use the PNF subscap stretch for external rotation. It works great for me
    Stand facing a corner with elbow next to side and forearm parallel to floor. Place hand on wall and do 5 second isometric hold. Release and rotate arm externally moving body until hand makes contact with wall again. Repeat a couple of times and then check external rotation again.

  • Jake

    Hi Eric,
    What is the difference between this variation and the external rotation to wall where the elbow is off the wall? Less ER?

  • Shane

    Like it and very well explained. Could your superset this with the wall forearm slide? Just wondering

  • Alright! I’ll add this exercise before my shoulder workout, great tip Eric!

  • Yes, Shane, that would work fine.

  • Jake,

    Correct.  This is a better entry level version for those who don’t have as good a feel for the difference between active and passive ER and know how to prevent humeral anterior glide/anterior laxity during ER.

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