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Strength and Conditioning Stuff You Should Read: 3/5/13

Written on March 5, 2013 at 9:07 am, by Eric Cressey

Here’s this week’s list of recommended strength and conditioning reading:

Engineering the Alpha – My good friends John Romaniello and Adam Bornstein co-authored this book, and it is now available for pre-order.  Full disclosure: I have not read it yet.  However, I know how much time, dedication, and knowledge these two put into it – and it’s sure to be fantastic, with a great combination of fitness/strength and conditioning stuff and recommendations on making your life cooler overall (if you like reading Tim Ferriss’ stuff, you’ll also enjoy this).  They also have a ton of cool bonuses for those who pre-order this week.

Noted Surgeon Dr. James Andrews Wants Your Athlete to Stay Healthy By Playing Less – Here’s a great interview at with Dr. Andrews.  While I wish they’d used the word “competing” instead of “playing” in the title, it is a valuable read – and an excellent follow-up to my post from last week, 20 Ways to Prepare Young Athletes for Success in Sports and in Life.

Set a PR Every Week – Dave Dellanave wrote an excellent article on autoregulatory training for T-Nation.

  • Eric, Great suggestions! I had the opportunity this past weekend to speak to a group of little league coaches and parents. My topic was “training the complete athlete”. In preparation, the Andrews’ article flashed up on FB, my preparation switched and I broke the article down in points and discussed each one. This is some of the best information that every coach and parent should read. Awesome stuff.

  • Interesting suggestions, Eric. I think I’ll be picking Engineering the Alpha, it’s just the kind of thing I’m interested in these days.

  • k

    Eric, have you ever read the article on wsj, the secret gym of lchiro Suzuki? I would like to hear your opinion.

  • Read the blurb on Amazon. Pretty promising stuff. Took a closer look at the cover. A foreword by Arnie himself! Cool stuff guys. Expect one more customer.


  • WOW! Awesome article. Some really great pointers in here!

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