Cressey Performance Baseball Hats Now on Sale!

About the Author: Eric Cressey

As I promised in a recent blog, we decided to get some Cressey Performance hats made up.  These are of the Flex Fit variety, which means that they’re ultra-comfortable and one size fits all (unless you have an absolutely GIANT head or are a petite female who will wear a fitted cap, in which case, you’ll want to let us know).

I’m happy to announce that they are available for PRE-ORDER today through THIS LINK.

Additionally, if you’d like to get some other Cressey Performance gear while you’re at it, here are some items you can add to your cart:

Cressey Performance T-Shirt: Medium

Cressey Performance T-Shirt: Large

Cressey Performance T-Shirt: Extra Large

Cressey Performance T-Shirt: XXL

Cressey Performance Majestic Fleece: Large

Don’t miss this opportunity to look like Tony Gentilcore!  Okay, maybe that wasn’t the best sales pitch, but I promise that these are legit! They’ll ship out as soon as they arrive (most likely a few weeks).

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