CSP Elite Baseball Development Podcast: Kyle Hendricks

About the Author: Eric Cressey

We’re excited to welcome Chicago Cubs pitcher Kyle Hendricks to this week’s podcast. A special thanks to this show’s sponsor, Rawlings. We’re ecstatic to announce a new partnership between Rawlings and Cressey Sports Performance, and they’ve set up a 20% off discount code on select products for our listeners. Just head to www.Rawlings.com and enter coupon code CRESSEY20 and you’ll receive 20% off on your order. Certain items are excluded, but there’s still a ton of great baseball training gear to make you a better player and coach.

Show Outline

  • Why Kyle chose to move across the country out of high school and attend Dartmouth College
  • How Kyle has developed his ability to manipulate the baseball to create movement
  • How Kyle worked diligently to develop his changeup and how players can better develop this feel pitch
  • How throwing a quality changeup actually helped Kyle learn to throw a two seam fastball
  • How grip, specifically pinky position on the baseball, impacted the effectiveness of his changeup
  • What Kyle’s thought process is when throwing his changeup and how late hand speed out front trumps early, forced pronation with the pitch
  • How Kyle developed a cut changeup, which is differentiated from his “regular” changeup
  • How Kyle approaches attacking hitters and why he emphasizes throwing first pitch strikes and controlling counts against hitters
  • Why Kyle’s four seam fastball usage increased in 2016 and why this change allowed him to have more margin for error and improve the effectiveness with his fastball
  • How Kyle learned to read swings and bat paths in pro ball and how this has influenced how he competes against hitters
  • How Kyle prepares by utilizing coaches’ scouting reports along with video to develop a plan for success against the opposition
  • Why Kyle has always been intrigued by the mental side of baseball and how he has used it to develop an edge in the game
  • How simplification has revolutionized Kyle’s ability to master his mentality, control the game, and play to his highest ability
  • Why Kyle works to find a balance between using analytics and relying on his intuition
  • What pitch clicks in the bullpen when Kyle is set to have a great game and how Kyle knows when he is locked in
  • How Kyle attacks throwing his various pitches in his daily throwing progression
  • How individuals who lack elite velocity can identify their strengths and learn to separate themselves from the competition

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