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We’re excited to welcome sports scientist Dr. Brandon Marcello to the podcast for Episode #14 for an in-depth discussion on sleep. A special thanks goes out to this show’s sponsor, VersaPulley. It’s an awesome option for challenging deceleration in multiple planes of motion, and has been an excellent addition to our training at Cressey Sports Performance. They’ve got a great 10% off offer going for our podcast listeners at https://www.VersaPulley.com/Cressey10.

Show Outline

  • What the four major components of recovery are, and how sleep influences these domains
  • Why sleep is vital for human performance and what the negative implications are for ignoring its importance
  • How individuals are actually born as early birds or night owls, and what strategies people should utilize to maximize their sleep regardless of their tendencies
  • Why routine is king when establishing quality sleep habits
  • What is sleep debt and why it is significant for people to avoid the accumulation of sleep debt over time
  • How impactful are naps for overcoming the accumulation of sleep debt, and how to best incorporate them
  • Why not all sleep supplements are everything they claim to be
  • What easy adjustments athletes can implement to improve their sleep beyond the well-known strategies already commonly practiced
  • How athletes can combat the negative implications of their current sleep situation
  • Why coaches should encourage their athletes to value their sleep, and what strategies they can use to aid in their players accumulation of quality sleep

You can follow Brandon on Instagram at @bmarcello13 and Twitter at @bmarcello13.

Sponsor Reminder

This episode is brought to you by VersaPulley. The VersaPulley offers flywheel training and one benefit of training with a flywheel is inertia. The faster the flywheel is moving, the more the user must decelerate the inertia that is created – and we know training deceleration is a huge piece of preventing athletic injuries and enhancing performance. While there are a few flywheel training options on the market, the VersaPulley is the only one that that allows you to train at any point along the force/velocity curve, and in multiple planes of movement. If you want to train at any speed, any load, and any direction, the VersaPulley has got you covered. They’ve set up a great discount of 10% for our listeners; you can learn more at https://www.VersaPulley.com/Cressey10.

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