Flexibility Deficits in Pitchers

About the Author: Eric Cressey

Q: Eric, I know you see a ton of baseball pitchers, so I wanted to ask you if there are particular flexibility restrictions you notice. I am guessing that because it is such a “lopsided” sport that imbalances tend to be magnified. Thanks.

A: Absolutely! The “money” flexibility issues we aim to address are:

-Throwing shoulder glenohumeral internal rotation deficit (GIRD)
-Lead leg hip internal rotation deficit (HIRD)
-Lead leg hip extension deficit
-Lead leg knee flexion deficit
-Trailing leg hip flexion deficit (tight hamstrings)
-Pec minor
-Long head of triceps
-Throwing elbow extension deficit (secondary to length issues with brachialis and other elbow flexors)

Some of these are attacked with more dynamic flexibility, while others are addressed with 30s static stretching and/or prolonged holds. We’re also always working on thoracic mobility and ankle mobility, although I look at these issues more as gross mobility deficits than specific muscles that are short.

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