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“I have used Cressey Sports Performance programming for my last nine off-seasons. CSP has been a crucial part of the success I have had in my career to this point. The programs have helped me gain velocity as well as put my body in a position to remain healthy throughout a long season."

Corey Kluber
Cleveland Indians
2014 & 2017 American League Cy Young Winner

"In 2009, I reached out to train at the original Cressey Sports Performance facility in Massachusetts, with the goals of getting stronger and staying healthier. Training there meant more than three hours of commuting four times a week, but it was well worth it; what CSP offered actually far exceeded my expectations. I not only got more athletic and durable, but also received a thorough education on what was unique about how my body worked, and became part of a family environment that not only gave me training partners for motivation, but also lifelong friends. CSP is more than just a gym; it's a home away from home, and a motivating, educational experience that'll bring out the best in you. As a 'Cressey Performer' of 9+ years, I can say without hesitation that this is a game-changer for athletes, as their expertise in managing the baseball athlete is unparalleled."

Steve Cishek
Chicago Cubs

“In a day and age when you read, daily, about players taking ‘shortcuts’ and trying to find the quickest way to ‘get good,’ if you understand anything about the human body and professional sports you know neither of those applies. Eric Cressey is as cutting edge as anyone out there when it comes to throwing a baseball. His insight into not only the bio-mechanics of the action, but in understanding that the kinetic chain is about engaging the entire body and his position specific workouts are far ahead of their time. He also has great insight into the lives we live as professionals and knows that while nutrition is the foundation of any good athlete, there are ways to be healthy, and stay healthy. No matter if you’re traveling from Motel 6 to Motel 6 in the NY Penn League, or on charter flights around the AL East, this guy is as good as they come.

“In addition to being one of the smartest minds on the planet he’s as good a person as he is a trainer, if not better. I couldn’t recommend anyone more highly than Eric if you are truly serious about tapping into potential you never knew you had, or pushing yourself to places you never knew you could go.”

Curt Schilling
Member of the 2001, 2004 and 2007 World Champion Diamondbacks and Red Sox

"After completing my first full season of professional baseball, I realized the mental and physical toll it took on my body. I made a commitment to return to spring training in the best shape of my life and Cressey Sports Performance allowed me to do just that. Three years later, I made my MLB debut. Along the way, I’ve trained muscles I never knew I had, put on over 40 pounds, and added over ten inches to my vertical jump. In doing so, I became a better athlete and a more efficient thrower. I don’t know where I might be right now without CSP. I might be working at a construction site; it’s unbelievable. I can’t stress enough how much Eric and CSP meant to my career.”

Tim Collins
Chicago Cubs

"There is a short list of people in the strength and conditioning industry who I consider to be the gold standard or the best of the best. Eric Cressey is at the top of that list, in my opinion. Eric has mastered the process of turning cutting-edge evidence and knowledge into some of the most efficient and effective in-the-trenches training protocols out there. If you are a pro athlete, a weekend warrior, or a practitioner in the performance training field interested in results, then you better be training with and learning from Eric Cressey!”

Timothy DiFrancesco, PT, DPT, ATC, CSCS
Former Head Strength and Conditioning Coach – Los Angeles Lakers

"Eric Cressey is one of the top high performance coaches in the world. With his mixture of academic work, practical experience, and high level athletic achievement, he’s outpacing almost everyone else in the field. As a result, he's one of the very few coaches I’ll turn to now, and in the future, when I’m looking for unique insight into getting the most out of my athletes.”

Dr. John Berardi, CSCS
Founder - Precision Nutrition
Advisor - Nike, Apple, and Equinox

"I have no reservations in saying that Eric Cressey is THE next great coach in the performance enhancement industry. Not only does he have an unparalleled knowledge base, but he also has the innate ability to think critically and apply this knowledge into his programming. This leads to stronger, healthier, and better-performing athletes and clients.

“It speaks volumes about Eric that he's not only a brilliant coach, but also an ‘under-the-bar’ guy as well. He's taken his knowledge, applied it to his own training, and is on the cusp of becoming an Elite-ranked powerlifter.

“Finally, finding someone who is open and honest in this industry is a rare feat; while most are interested only in moving product, Eric genuinely cares about the people with whom he works. For this reason alone, I know he will be successful for many decades to come.”

Mike Robertson, MS, CSCS, USAW

“I’ve had the privilege of knowing Eric Cressey for over six years. He is one of the few strength coaches that I feel truly understands the demands of the throwing athlete. His knowledge is evident in the incredible products he brings to market, but his passion is obvious in the training environment he creates and the athletes he sends to teams. I have found him to be an invaluable resource." 

Donovan T Santas CSCS, RSCC
Strength and Conditioning Coordinator - Toronto Blue Jays

"Anyone…athlete or non-athlete…who is interested in bettering their physical well-being, should call Eric and get involved in his program. Quite simply, in my opinion, he’s the best, and in a league by himself. The gains by our clients who have worked with Eric have been remarkable, and have made them better players, and will extend their careers. And, Eric’s interest in his clients extends far beyond what they accomplish in his training facilities. Eric cares, and it’s clearly evident.”

Joe Bick
President - Pro-Star Management

"Eric Cressey is one of my go-to resources in the strength and conditioning world. Eric is one of the few strength coaches that really ‘gets it’ when it comes to applying functional anatomy, biomechanics, and research – and it’s reflected in his vast experience working with athletes. As a physical therapist, I know Eric is great at individualizing a program based on one’s specific needs, which is always one of the keys to safely getting rapid results!"

Mike Reinold
Physical Therapist - Boston, MA

"Eric Cressey is one of the hottest names in the strength and conditioning world today. Very well versed in the science of training, Eric has mastered the art of actually applying his academic knowledge in practical sessions. The future of the industry is in good hands."

Alwyn Cosgrove
Co-Owner - Results Fitness 

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