What a Difference a Few Months Make

About the Author: Eric Cressey

I received this email from an online consulting client of mine.  I wanted to share it with you because a) I loved Jeremy’s persistence in finding the right fix for him and b) a lot of folks don’t know about my online consulting services:

“I am a little late on this, but things have been a bit nutty in my life recently.  However I just want to take a moment to thank you for all of the help.  When I started working with you, just about every exercise hurt.  Now I am 100% pain free for all exercises.  No doubt it is due to your programming.

“I saw three orthos, and they all recommended surgery.  I spoke with two PT’s, and their advice, ‘strengthen your rotator cuff and perform no pressing movements.’  I hardly consider either piece of advice ground breaking.  You were the only person I communicated with that believed my shoulder was fixable.  Everyone else thought I was crazy.  Hire someone to teach you to work out, to fix an issue that was caused by working out???  That’s not possible the haters said.  In fact I had an ortho laugh at me when I told him that it was fixable without surgery.

“I am not going to go into an entire diatribe on how way too many Americans take the easy way out and have unnecessary surgery, or take some ridiculous pill they see an ad for on TV, or how trigger happy surgeons are to cut someone open.  But I will say this, I took great pleasure proving the doubters in my life wrong.  Tell me something is not possible, and I will go out of my way to accomplish it.

“You answered all of my questions (there were a lot), and your strength and conditioning programs were always on time for me to start the next month.  At first your programming was a bit challenging because you just don’t hand the answer key over, you make the person think about it.  In the end, it was very helpful, because you actually taught me HOW to work out.  It makes doing your own programming 100x easier when you are done and headed out ‘on your own.'”

Jeremy Miller
Cincinnati, OH

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