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Exercise of the Week: Supine Bridge w/Reach

The supine bridge with reach has been a popular mobility drill for us for close to a decade now, but I realized that we haven't highlighted it in an online feature to give it the love it deserves. The video is actually part of The High Performance Handbook video library. I love this drill because it not only gives us the terminal hip extension w ...


Creative Conditioning: Installment 1 – Medicine Ball Medleys

It's important to have plenty of tools in your training toolbox to challenge energy systems development. With that in mind, I wanted to kick off a Creative Conditioning series for you. Hopefully, some of these options give you some variety to not only keep clients/athletes engaged, but also to help them stay healthy and continue to move well in the ...


Programming Principles: Installment 4

With this week's $50 off sale on The High Performance Handbook, it seemed like a good time to update this series on program design strategies. Many fitness professionals and strength and conditioning enthusiasts have looked to this resource as a model upon which to base some of their program design efforts, so I thought I'd dig in a bit deeper on a ...

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The High Performance Handbook

The High Performance Handbook is the most versatile training strength and conditioning program on the market today, as many individuals have used it with success for goals such as fat loss, athletic p...

Cressey Sports Performance Innovations

Cressey Sports Performance Innovations features over 11 hours of webinars on strength and conditioning, corrective exercise, and nutrition topics. It’s the ultimate continuing education resourc...

Functional Stability Training

Functional Stability Training is a comprehensive resource - upper body, lower body, core, and optimizing movement - I created with physical therapist Mike Reinold to overview our approach to an integr...
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Random Thoughts on Sports Performance Training – Installment 36

This edition random thoughts from around the field of health and human performance is long overdue. Fortunately, more of the world is online more than ever, so at least it'll have a good audience now! 1. Physical maturity and training experience impact pitching stress. File this one under the "duh" category, but it's good to have a study supporti ...


CSP Elite Baseball Development Podcast: Does Early Sports Specialization Work?

I'm flying solo for this week's podcast, as I wanted to tackle an incredibly important topic in the world of baseball development: early sports specialization. Before we get to it, though, a special thanks to this show's sponsor, Athletic Greens. Head to http://www.athleticgreens.com/cressey and you'll receive a free 20-pack of Athletic Greens trav ...


CSP Elite Baseball Development Podcast: A Model for Movement with Ty Terrell

We’re excited to welcome Atlanta Hawks strength and conditioning coach Ty Terrell to this week’s podcast for a great chat on important foundational movement competencies, coaching strategies, and career progressions. Ty shares some general principles as well as specific applications to baseball preparation. CSP-MA Director of Performance John O ...

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