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Latest Articles & podcasts

Latest Articles & podcasts

 Kevin Vance on College Recruiting, Culture Change, & Bullpen Frequency

We welcome University of Arizona Pitching Coach Kevin Vance to the latest podcast. In his first year with the Wildcats, the pitching staff improved dramatically and the team won […]

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Does Posture
Actually Matter?

You often find people who claim that static posture doesn’t matter. In many cases, their argument is based on research that doesn’t demonstrate a definitive relationship between posture and pain […]


Rock the same clothing you’ll see athletes and coaches wearing at CSP facilities.



CSP Baseball Hat



Rock the same clothing you’ll see athletes and coaches wearing at CSP facilities.

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A popular workout seen here at #CSP - Dead Bugs

Dead Bugs are utilized for coordination, anti-extension and core stability.  They help the athlete address the relationship of the ribcage and the pelvis. While there are many variations available, each of them shares the same goal of keeping the back flat against the ground.

Some of the variations, such as wall press or core-engaged, can be added to further train nuance of ribcage and pelvis position. 

For example, in the wall press variation we’re forcing control of the overhead reach, further emphasizing control of the ribcage as the athlete reaches overhead through shoulder flexion, making sure not the allow the ribs to flair.

More variations to come in the near future!
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Become your own best advocate 💯💪 #cspfamily #tuesdaythoughts #wednesdaywisdom #foryou
Split Stance Savagery 😤 📸 #cspfamily
Big congrats to @lips_34 on a very impressive MLB debut! 4IP, 1R, 3H, 7K, 0BB - and surely more big league success to come! Tyler has been #cspfamily since 2014, so he joins an esteemed group of CSP athletes who have trained with us as both high schoolers and big leaguers.👏
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Weekend Warriors 🤙💪 #cspfamily
Freedom Friday 🇺🇸💪 #cspfamily
1-Leg Barbell RDL 👑 

This exercise promotes advanced single leg stability and helps with overall motor control. This variation assists with:

✅Glute and hamstring activation 
✅Solid posterior weight shift
✅Maintaining stable pressure in all contact points in the foot

‼️At #CSP, we stress to athletes to have the bar ride the thigh down rather than having it project forward, which would cause unnecessary weight shift.

Some common flaws we see when athletes complete this exercise is:

❌Arching the low back
❌ Having the hip flare open

Thank you @thorobredhomers for this exercise!
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New week. New month. Same goals 💯 #cspfamily #foryou
Saturdays at CSP never disappoint…🙅‍♂️💪 #cspfamily #foryou
Training Rotation and Stability
Coach @brandon_holup shares his favorite drills regarding both rotation and stability. ⬇️⬇️

The Rotational Landmime Press focuses on:

- Upper body rotational power
- Scapular upward rotation
- Ground reaction force through the torso to the upper body

1 Leg RDL Kettlebell Switches are beneficial in that:

- Promotes single leg stability and balance on a stable surface in a dynamic environment
- Core strength and stability
- Stabilization of the foot/ankle  #cspfamily #foryou #fitness
Some 📸 from today’s session 💪 #cspfamily
Struggling with progression on regular push-ups? Feeling up for a challenge?

Try out the Slideboard Bodysaw Push-Up💪
Thanks! @eddie_eisert for the accurate demonstration. 
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This thorough deadlift technique tutorial covers the conventional, sumo, and trap bar deadlifts – as well as the common mistakes we see on all of them.

  • Avoid the most common deadlifting mistakes

  • 9 – minute instructional video

  • 3 part follow up series