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2013 Project: Guinea Pigs Needed!

Written on April 25, 2013 at 11:13 am, by Eric Cressey

Spoiler alert: I have a new project in the works.

In fact, the entire program is already written, and a few lifters have already taken it for a test-drive with excellent results. However, I need to get my sample size up to ensure that results are “typically extraordinary.”

In other words, I need some guinea pigs to put this program to the test!


Before I get an absurd numbers of email applications, here are a few things that “qualify” you:

1. You must be healthy – or at least very close to it! Some aches and pain in the past aren’t a big deal, but we aren’t going to be taking on anyone who is currently dealing with any injuries.  This isn’t a rehab program.

2. You must be at least 18 years of age, with at least one year of resistance training experience.

3. You must have access to a reasonably well-equipped gym that is at least equivalent to a commercial gym set-up. Those who train at home are welcome to apply only if they have access to a cable column at home.

4. You would ideally have purchased Assess & Correct already.

5. You need to be able to train for four uninterrupted months for a minimum of three times each week.

6. You must be willing to take before/after pictures plus some performance tests.

7. Both men and women are welcome to “apply.”

8. You must have $199 to devote to this, because it is going to be a ton of work on our end to give you tech support for four months! That’s only about $50/month for full-on programming and tech support – which is markedly lower than my online consulting rates. And, you’ll get a free copy of the product when it is released.

9. This isn’t a program for baseball players; sorry!

10. I’d love to have a wide variety of people: folks who sit at desks all day, those or stand a lot, competitive athletes, weekend warriors, you name it.

If you’re interested, please drop me an email at cresseyproject@gmail.com with your name, age, and a brief background on your training history by April 30. I’ll only be accepting 20 guinea pigs for this project, and all decisions will be made by May 1. Those who are selected will be notified on May 2, with the program beginning shortly thereafter.

You won’t receive notification unless you’re selected, so please don’t take it personally if I don’t reply to your email; I’m just trying to save myself some extra work!


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9 Responses to “2013 Project: Guinea Pigs Needed!”

  1. Scott Givens Says:

    What is the design for the program. Is this for overall fitness and health or designed to improve strength performance.
    Scott Givens

  2. Tod Adkins Says:

    General Stats:
    51 YO Male
    ~185 lbs
    15%-17% BF

    Occupation: Desk Jockey (Petro-Chemical Environmental Manager)

    I have not purchased Assess and Correct but would be willing to do so. I meet all the above criteria and would love to “kick the tires” on your new program, (or have your program kick my … tires).

    Training Background:
    Jan-Sept 2012 – Variety of Training including bootcamps, lifting at the gym, working with local trainers, jogging

    Oct- Dec 2012 – Completed “Off Season for Athletes” New PBs on BP, DL, and Squat.

    Jan – Apr 2013 – Finishing up on your “Show and Go” WO. New PB on DL.

    I have also participated in endurance events such as Texas Water Safari in my younger days (260 mile Canoeing Race) and completed the Tough Mudder in 2011.

    I just started taking a Crossfit Class 2 days a week and was going to dust off the “Off season for athletes” program for another go; so this would be good timing. And I do your suggested foam rolling 5-6 days a week. (Helps us Middle-Age-Dad’s)

    Also I am a member of Precision Nutrition (2007) where I got your program, and completed Dr. Berardi’s and Ryan Andrews nutrition certification.

    Give me a “holler” if you think I would be a good fit. Take care and good luck.

  3. Eric Cressey Says:


    Who says you can’t have both? This will be a versatile program where folks can go in different directions to suit their needs.

  4. Tor Gudmundstuen Says:

    This is very GOOD news. Another excellent product from you I believe. Right now I am working on Maximum Strength and I love your programming.
    When will it be out for sale?

    Keep on with the good work!

    Best regards
    Tor, Norway

  5. Brent Says:

    You had me at the baby picture. Your project should work nicely with my Brazilian Butt Lift video series I’m working through right now. Glute triangulation is all the rage now obviously.

  6. Eric Cressey Says:


    We’re aiming to have it out in September. Thanks!

  7. Kristy Says:

    This sounds fun. I wish I had a cable column. Oh well. I really liked your show and go program, though. I’m sure this will be just as good.

  8. Eric Cressey Says:

    Thanks, Kristy. They’ll be options where you can plug in a band instead.

  9. Fred Says:

    This is great news!!! I got outrageous results from Show N Go, the best ever from any training program after 20 plus years of training. Really looking forward to seeing the evolution of your work Eric!

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