A Little Monday Update

About the Author: Eric Cressey

I figured I ought to give the official check-in report on my Warp Speed Fat Loss journey, as I’m six days in (started last Tuesday). As I noted in Friday’s blog, I don’t really have a whole lot to lose, so I’m just playing it by ear on how I respond. Through five days, I have dropped from 194 to 187.5 pounds.

I’m normally a pretty low carb guy anyway, so it really isn’t as much water weight as one would normally think. I tend to lose “puff” from my face right away when I cut calories, and two people told me on Friday that I looked like I’d lost weight. They were right.

Performance-wise, things aren’t going badly at all. On Wednesday of last week, I benched 315 for 3×3 before heading on to a bit more “metabolic” weight-training pairings. I’ve been doing some low-intensity cardio (walking on the treadmill), but to be honest, I am on my feet so much at the gym that it’s really not necessary, especially when you consider that I’m not looking to drop 20+ pounds.

Thursday was just my 30 minutes of the where I take a medicine ball and just throw the crap out of it. It’s an absolute blast; here’s a little taste:

When I was done, I did two rounds of 5x40yd sprints with jog-backs between sets. It is a little bit of a compromise between actual speed work and true metabolic conditioning.

Lower-body lifting was Friday, and after doing some speed front squats at 275 for doubles, I hit up the trap bar for some higher rep work. Already with two sets of ten under my belt at 405, Pete called me out and said I could do more. He answered “14,” so I went and did 14 on the next set (and another ten on the last set). It was probably a lot more amusing for him than me; my glutes, hams, and traps are all still sore.

The low carbs caught up to me on Saturday. We did quite a bit of sprint work prior to our lift, and by the time I actually got around to speed benching, I was pretty gassed. I’m working at higher percentages now, and did my 225 for 6 sets of three, and while it was fast, it wasn’t as fast as it should have been. Moved on to some assistance work to save the session, and made sure to get in some good post-training nutrition and hit up Sunset Cantina that night with the crew for some lime and garlic-rubbed chicken fajitas (more on that later in the week).

Yesterday (Sunday), was my first extremely low carb day (i.e., less than 30g), and honestly, it wasn’t so bad. I do fine with lower carbs, and was actually just doing boring computer stuff most of the day, so it wasn’t an issue. All in all, so far, so good.