A Sweet Deal for the Manual Therapists in the Crowd

About the Author: Eric Cressey

Last year, I wrote a newsletter on my awesome experience at Dr. William Brady’s biomechanics course in Boston, MA.  It was without a doubt one of the most beneficial events I’ve attended in recent years (in spite of being the only non-manual therapist in attendance).

It’s that time of year again; Dr. Brady’s 2009 event is scheduled for October 17-18 (in Boston again).  If you treat patients, it’s well worth the investment. You can sign up HERE.

Now, Dr. Brady also has a new online subscription that’s loaded with similarly great content.  It’s already a great deal, but to sweeten it even further, he hooked me up with a discount for my readers who plan to attend.  Here’s what he’s got for you (straight from the man himself):

I went ahead and set up a discount for the guys who sign up from your site. The professionals can get $75 off and students can get $49 off the regular price of $180 and $118 – so it ends up as $105 and $69 per month, respectively. Professional (anyone not in school) can type “cresseypro” and students currently in school or graduated in the last six months (yes, we check) “cresseystudent” in the promotion code area.

Definitely check it out; you can get more information at www.IntegrativeDiagnosis.