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A Very Busy MLB Draft for Cressey Performance!

Written on June 9, 2011 at 5:48 am, by Eric Cressey

You may have noticed that this week’s blog updates have been a bit more infrequent and to the point – and you can thank the Major League Baseball Draft.  Fortunately, it was for all the right reasons, as we had a bunch of Cressey Performance guys drafted.

In addition to Tyler Beede, who went 21st overall to the Toronto Blue Jays, the following CP athletes were drafted and deserve a huge congratulations:

Jordan Cote: 3rd Round to the New York Yankees

Jack Leathersich: 5th Round to the New York Mets

Andrew Chin: 5th Round to the Toronto Blue Jays

Max Perlman 35th Round to the Oakland A’s

Ryan Thompson: 36th Round to the New York Yankees

Adam Ravenelle: 44th Round to the New York Yankees (a Cressey Performer since 8th Grade!)

Scott Weismann: 46th Rounds to the Chicago Cubs

John Gorman: 50th Round to the Boston Red Sox

In addition to these guys, several players who have done one-time consultations at CP and taken programs home with them to execute had some great draft showings: Anthony Meo (2nd Round – Arizona Diamondbacks), Travis Shaw (9th Round – Boston Red Sox), and John Brebbia (30th Round – New York Yankees) all deserve a congratulations as well.

We’re really proud of all our guys!

4 Responses to “A Very Busy MLB Draft for Cressey Performance!”

  1. Jason K Says:

    Congrats on the success of your athletes! I played against Shaw this year (9th round Red Sox) and my whole team was very impressed by how well he moved for such a big guy – now it all makes sense.

  2. Keith Fine Says:

    Awesome job,keep it up

  3. tony Says:

    Your dream accomplished once again as well!


  4. Doug Says:

    Congrats to you and all the athletes. I will keep my eye out for Max in Oak-Town!

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