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Almost forgot…

Written on July 3, 2009 at 9:22 am, by Eric Cressey

PR this morning.  Guess I ought to go for 700 soon, huh?

Have a great holiday weekend!

11 Responses to “Almost forgot…”

  1. Alex Says:

    Ah, so that’s how you do a deadlift! Cool man. Thanks for the demo 😉

    Nice work, I’m just about 240 pounds behind ya!


  2. Jeanne Says:

    Holy sh*t! Nice!

  3. Mark Young Says:

    Nice pull brother!

  4. Eric Lagoy Says:

    and I was happy when I pulled 415 last week. awesome!

  5. Matt S Says:

    Very nice!

    That’s higher than my rack pull!

  6. Bob Says:

    Damn! I’m just starting to only spend a second in the bottom position to maximize the stretch reflex, like you’re doing. Looking at this I notice I’m squatting too low. Getcha’ Pull!

  7. Kamal Singh Says:

    Hey EC, way to go and I thought you had quit pulling heavy.

  8. Chris Says:

    Nice job man! Awesome!

  9. Angelo Says:

    So perhaps you’ve said this before Eric, but any reasoning behind your arm raises before you deadlift?

  10. Roger Lawson Says:

    I became a man when I saw this lift.

  11. Jim Bathurst Says:

    Awesome man! I’m going through your Maximum Strength Program right now, so I’m hoping to pull up my deadlift number too!

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