Cracking the Rotator Cuff Conundrum

About the Author: Eric Cressey

I bet we all see things in the gym that really, really, annoy us. There’s the “belter,” the guy who sports his trusty lifting belt for every exercise, including kickbacks with pink dumbbells and marathon sessions on the hip adductor machine. Then there’s the guy who mindlessly bangs out fifteen sets of biceps curls in the power rack as you impatiently wait to do squats. And we certainly can’t forget the “Third Musketeer,” the geek who takes 45 minutes to do three sets of bench presses because he insists on reading the newspaper and sharing recipes with friends in between sets.

You get my point. Sometimes people in commercial gyms simply drive us nuts! And while idiotic gym behaviors definitely get on my nerves, they’re far cries from my greatest pet peeve: individuals who constantly grumble about rotator cuff pain.

Why do their complaints aggravate me so much? Well, the sad truth is the vast majority of them have no idea what the rotator cuff is or what it does! Let’s put an end to this unfortunate trend right now. I’ll also show you how to reap the benefits of direct rotator cuff training!

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