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Cressey Performance Elite Baseball Mentorships

Written on November 11, 2012 at 2:46 pm, by Eric Cressey

I’m extremely excited to announce a project that has been in the works for quite some time: Elite Baseball Mentorships at Cressey Performance.  Folks have been requesting these for years, but I resisted the urge to go through with it until the time was right – and that time is now! 

Working with me on these mentorships will be two awesome minds who play a big role in helping CP provide comprehensive, synergistic programs for baseball players. Matt Blake is the pitching coordinator at Cressey Performance, and Eric Schoenberg is a physical therapist who handles some of our toughest cases.  The rest of the Cressey Performance staff will also be on-hand to assist with the practical portions of the event, and answer questions during the observation periods.

The first mentorship will take place January 6-8, 2013. Here are the specifics:

Cressey Performance Elite Baseball Mentorship
Phase 1: Understanding and Managing the Pitcher

Sunday, January 6

Morning Session: Lecture

8:30-9:00AM – Registration and Introduction (Eric Cressey)
9:00-10:00AM – Understanding the Status Quo: Why the Current System is Broken (Eric Schoenberg)
10:00-11:00AM – Functional Anatomy and Proper Movements of the Shoulder and Elbow (Eric Cressey)
11:00-11:15AM – Break
11:15AM-12:15PM – Common Injuries and their Mechanisms (Eric Schoenberg)
12:15-1:00PM – Lunch (provided)

Afternoon Session: Lecture and Video Analysis

1:00-2:00PM – Flawed Perceptions on “Specific” Pitching Assessments and Training Modalities (Eric Cressey)
2:00-3:15PM –Key Positions in the Pitching Delivery: Understanding How Physical Maturity and Athletic Ability Govern Mechanics (Matt Blake)
3:15-3:30PM – Break
3:30-4:45PM – Video Evaluation of Pitchers: Relationship of Mechanical Dysfunction to Injury Risk and Performance (Matt Blake)
4:45-5:30PM – Case Studies and Q&A

5:30PM Reception (Dinner Provided)

Monday, January 7

Morning Session: Practical

8:00AM-10:00AM – Physical Assessment of Pitchers: Static and Dynamic (Eric Cressey and Eric Schoenberg)
10:00-11:30AM – Prehabilitation/Rehabilitation Exercises for the Thrower (Eric Cressey and Eric Schoenberg)
11:30AM-12:00PM – Lunch (on your own)

Afternoon Session: Observation at Cressey Performance – 12PM-6PM*

Tuesday, January 8

Morning Session: Practical

8:00AM-9:00AM – Preparing for the Throwing Session: Optimal Warm-up Protocols for Different Arms (Eric Cressey and Eric Schoenberg)
9:00-10:15AM – Individualizing Drill Work to the Pitcher (Matt Blake)
10:15-11:30AM – Throwing Program Progressions (Matt Blake)
11:30AM-12:00PM – Lunch (on your own)

Afternoon Session: Observation at Cressey Performance – 12PM-6PM*

* The afternoon observation sessions on Monday and Tuesday will allow attendees to see in real-time the day-to-day operation of the comprehensive baseball training programs unique to Cressey Performance.

Observation of live training on the CP floor with our professional, college, and high school baseball players will allow you to experience firsthand our approaches to:

• Programming
• Proper coaching cues for optimal results
• Soft tissue techniques
• Activation and mobility drills
• Strength/power development
• Medicine ball work
• Multi-directional stability
• Metabolic conditioning
• Sprint/agility programs
• Base stealing technique

In addition, you will experience:

• Live throwing sessions
• Biomechanical video analysis using the Right View Pro system
• Movement evaluation
• Live case examples


Cressey Performance,
577 Main St.
Suite 310
Hudson, MA 01749


$899 early-bird (before December 6), $999 regular. No sign-ups will be accepted on the day of the event.

Continuing Education:

NSCA CEU pending

Registration Information: SOLD OUT

Please note that space is extremely limited. We are keeping the size of this seminar small so that we can make it a far more productive educational experience. Additionally, this event will not be videotaped. As such, I’d encourage you to sign up as soon as possible.

Hope to see you there!

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12 Responses to “Cressey Performance Elite Baseball Mentorships”

  1. Robbie Bourke Says:

    Eric will you be recording this as a DVD is well?

  2. Eric Cressey Says:

    No, Robbie; we won’t. We firmly believe one of the largest strengths of this event will be the case studies, and we can’t do that in many cases.

  3. Jeff Herndon Says:


    Will the attendees receive a pdf file or a booklet in regards to the presentation material?

    Great idea for a clinic, especially allowing attendees to observe the two training sessions.

  4. Eric Cressey Says:


    Absolutely. There will be detailed handouts of each presentation. In addition, we’ll be doing Q&A on each day so that attendees can get their specific questions answered. All of our pro guys are very approachable, too, so it’s possible to get questions answered by big leaguers at the drop of a hat.

  5. Jen Nelson Says:

    I am a PT, does is this course approved for CEU’s?

  6. Eric Cressey Says:


    We are not an approved provider for them. However (especially with a PT presenting), you can try to petition non-approved provider coursework under an individualized option. I am not familiar enough with their policies to be able to tell you definitively, though.



  7. Justin Cheesman Says:

    I am unable to attend, however as a pitching coach at the Junior College level and a PT, I would love to have the material. If that is at all possible please let me know, and hopefully I will be able to attend a future seminar.

    Thanks, keep coming with the great info

  8. Eric Cressey Says:

    Hi Justin,

    Thanks for your interest. We won’t be filming this one for the reasons I outlined above, but we definitely plan to hold future events (this is phase 1, and assuming all goes well, we’ll progress things with subsequent phases).

  9. Troy Says:

    Do you have a schedule of all your mentor dates? I will need to make plans further in the future

  10. Eric Cressey Says:


    Not yet, but we will soon. I suspect we’ll do another phase 1 in late June.

  11. Kevin F Says:

    Hi Eric,

    Please keep us posted with NSCA CEU updates. I would come from out of town(Ohio) and the CEU’s would definitely be a huge benefit! Thanks for the info in advance.

  12. Eric Cressey Says:


    The CEUs from NSCA will be a snap. We’ve been approved by them in the past, so in this case, it’s really just a matter of waiting until all the paperwork is processed.

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