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Cressey Performance Pro Guys’ Locations

Written on April 11, 2011 at 5:47 am, by Eric Cressey

I just wanted to put out this quick note for my readers out there who may be baseball fans located near a professional baseball park. It’s a listing of where the participants in this season’s off-season program will begin the year.  Please comment if you’re located near one of these teams and plan on heading out to support our guys, as it’s awesome to know when our players have a good audience cheering them on.

This list progresses from East to West, American to National League (by organizational affiliation):

Chad Jenkins – Dunedin, FL (Blue Jays High A)

Matt Abraham – Dunedin, FL (GCL Blue Jays)

Kevin Youkilis – Boston, MA (Boston Red Sox)

Jeremy Hazelbaker – Salem, VA (Red Sox High A)

Jeremiah Bayer – Salem, VA (Red Sox High A)

Matt Kramer – Ft. Myers, FL (GCL Red Sox)

Craig Albernaz – Montgomery, AL (Rays AA)

Kevin Moran – Kannapolis, NC (White Sox Low A)

Phil Negus – Kannapolis, NC (White Sox Low A)

Corey Kluber – Columbus, OH (Indians AAA)

Tim Collins – Kansas City, MO (Kansas City Royals)

Anthony Seratelli – Northwest Arkansas (Royals AA)

Kevin Pucetas – Omaha, NE (Royals AAA)

Crawford Simmons – Kane County, IL (Royals Low A)

Matt Perry – Lakeland, FL (GCL Tigers)

Ryan O’Rourke – Beloit, WI (Twins Low A)

Tim Kiely – Little Rock, AK (Angels AA)

Trystan Magnuson – Sacramento, CA (A’s AAA)

Shawn Haviland – Midland, TX (A’s AA)

Jeff Bercume – Phoenix, AZ (AZL Athletics)

Nick McBride – Hickory, NC (Rangers Low A)

Ryan Rodebaugh – Hickory, NC (Rangers Low A)

Chad Rodgers – Lynchburg, VA (Braves High A)

Cory Gearrin – Gwinnett (Braves AAA)

Tim Gustafson – Pearl, MS (Braves AA)

Steve Cishek – New Orleans, LA (Marlins AAA)

Matt Bouchard – St. Lucie, FL (Mets High A)

Chris McKenzie – Hagerstown, MD (Nationals Low A)

Bryan LaHair – Des Moines, IA (Cubs AAA)

Steffan Wilson – Huntsville, AL (Brewers AA)

Cory Riordan – Tulsa, OK (Rockies AA)

Dan Houston – Modesto, CA (Rockies High A)

Will Inman – Tuscon, AZ (Padres AAA)

Kyle Vazquez – Scottsdale, AZ (AZL Giants)

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7 Responses to “Cressey Performance Pro Guys’ Locations”

  1. Christian Says:

    I’m near Des Moines and will be seeing an iCubs game soon! Will be out to support them.

  2. Rebecca Says:

    I’m in Northwest Arkansas and I’ve already seen Anthony Seratelli’s team (NWA Naturals) play and will for sure see Tim Kiely (Arkansas Travelers) when they come to NWA. Fun to see the CP athletes in real life!

  3. Eric Cressey Says:

    Awesome! Bryan LaHair is off to a great start in Iowa. You should see some other PCL guys coming your way for a series or two as well.

  4. Eric Cressey Says:

    Rebecca – You should see Shawn Haviland, too. He’s off to a good start:


  5. James Says:

    I will be sporting my CP t-shirt out at Arvest Ballpark for all the Texas League guys–notably Seratelli, our NWA Natural and also a great guy!

  6. Josh Says:

    I live the town over from where Kane County is located so I’ll do my best to support Crawford Simmons. Look’s like I’ll have to hit up my neighbor who has season tickets for Kane County.

  7. Rich Says:

    I am in the Des Moines area and will make sure to watch for Bryan and follow his stats in the paper. So far The I Cubs are off to a great start. Will also look for Kevin Pucetas comes over when Omaha plays them. Have been watching Tim Collins stats in the paper and hope to maybe make the 3 hour trip south to catch a game.

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