CSP Elite Baseball Development Podcast: Aaron Civale

About the Author: Eric Cressey

We’re excited to welcome Cleveland Indians pitcher Aaron Civale to the latest podcast. He shares some awesome insights related to pitch design/execution, competitive mentality, and the benefits of strength and conditioning.

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Show Outline

  • What type of pitcher was Aaron in high school and how earned a spot at Northeastern University
  • What the biggest adjustment Aaron had to make as he transitioned into a college pitcher was
  • Why Aaron chose to embrace the natural cut of his fastball instead of fixing this unique trait that allowed him to put away hitters
  • How Aaron stumbled upon the feel for a slider mid-game
  • What adjustments Aaron had to make as he transitioned to pro ball after three years at Northeastern
  • How Aaron’s approach of pounding the zone and eliminating walks is contradictory to today’s baseball world
  • How Aaron arrived at his 6-pitch arsenal and how he has worked to differentiate each pitch
  • Why Aaron has always felt more comfortable throwing his two seam fastball and what work he has been doing this offseason at CSP to improve his four seam for 2020
  • How Aaron ended up finding a more comfortable slider grip while playing around with his two seam grip
  • How Aaron has developed a natural feel for spinning the ball from a young age and what he has done to ensure the differentiation of his two breaking balls
  • What traits Aaron thinks helped to give him immediate success at the Major League level
  • How possessing a process-oriented mindset and unwavering demeanor has inspired confidence in Aaron and provided the trust in his ability necessary to be dominant at any level
  • What made working with CSP-FL physical therapist Eric Schoenberg so impactful while rehabbing from a lat strain in 2018
  • What Aaron’s 5-day throwing and training routine looks like between starts
  • How Aaron’s game day routine is structured

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