CSP Elite Baseball Development Podcast: Brad Hand

About the Author: Eric Cressey

We’re excited to welcome Cleveland Indians pitcher Brad Hand to this week’s podcast. A special thanks to this show’s sponsor, Rawlings. We’ve got an awesome new partnership in place between Rawlings and Cressey Sports Performance, and they’ve set up a 20% off discount code on select products for our listeners. Just head to www.Rawlings.com and enter coupon code CRESSEY20 and you’ll receive 20% off on your order. Certain items are excluded, but there’s still a ton of great baseball training gear to make you a better player and coach.

Show Outline

  • How Brad grew up as a multi-sport athlete in Minnesota and why he chose to prioritize baseball despite being from a hockey state
  • How Brad navigated the challenges of the long Minnesota winters as he prepared for the season and gaining exposure as a young ball player
  • How Brad was surprisingly unaware of how coveted a prospect he was
  • What differentiated Brad as a pitcher and made him such a high draft pick in 2008
  • How Brad’s skills evolved as he progressed through MiLB and into the big leaguer he is today
  • How finding a simple approach to his mechanics on the mound allowed him to find a more repeatable delivery and develop more consistency as professional
  • Why Brad moved away from throwing curveballs as his secondary pitch and transitioned to throwing a slider
  • How Brad learned to throw his slider, and what his mindset is when throwing this pitch to make it consistently effective
  • Why Brad’s seemingly apathetic delivery makes him so hard to hit
  • How Brad specifically exploits tempo to facilitate late arm speed and create a delivery that hitters dread to face
  • How Brad transitioned from a starter to a reliever in 2015 and what adjustments he had to make to his throwing protocols to properly manage this new workload
  • How Brad approaches attacking hitters as a reliever
  • How Brad plans and performs his in season training to account for the fact he needs to be ready to throw on any given day
  • What Brad’s game day routine is
  • How Brad deals with the pressure of being a big league closer

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