CSP Elite Baseball Development Podcast: Developing a Hitting Approach with Will Middlebrooks

About the Author: Eric Cressey

We’re excited to welcome retired MLB player and current Cressey Sports Performance – Florida hitting coordinator Will Middlebrooks to the podcast. A special thanks to this show’s sponsor, Lumberlend. Head to www.Lumberlend.com and and check out some of the awesome black Friday deals they’re offering as you customize a bat mug today to check some holiday shopping off your list for the baseball fan in your life. 

Show Outline

  • How Will’s early athletic career as a multi-sport athlete in Texas impacted his athletic development and set the stage for future athletic success
  • How Will managed to thrive immediately at the big league level
  • Why the hot streaks of young professional hitters are often short lived and what players can do to find consistent, long-term success
  • What pitchers Will excelled against and struggled against as a hitter
  • Will’s unforgettable moment with Mariana Rivera
  • Why a hard slider is so difficult to hit
  • What the opposing team’s scouting report was on Will
  • What cues and coaching tips proved to be influential in Will’s hitting development
  • How asking questions, learning from veteran teammates, and being open and observant proved to be the most impactful tools for Will’s development as a hitter
  • What it was like playing alongside some of the great hitters, like David Ortiz and Dustin Pedroia, and what lessons he learned from these iconic players
  • How David Ortiz was one of the most prepared hitters day in and day out and how this understanding of himself and his competition translated to in-game results
  • How the Boston Red Sox were able to turn around from a less than stellar 2012 season and emerge World Series Champs in 2013
  • How Will learned to handle the pressure of high stake, October baseball and play fearlessly
  • How adjusting a hitter’s approach can smooth out mechanical flaws in their swing
  • Why hitters need to have the self awareness and conviction to stick to their strengths and play to their game plan in competition
  • How Will takes a realistic mental approach to hitting and sets the goal for his hitters to be completely locked in for 80% of their ABs
  • Why young players should stop selling out for exit velocities, launch angles, and throwing velocities that impress at showcases but don’t play out in competition
  • What a hitter’s log is, and how players can implement this strategy to develop their approach and better understand their skills at the plate
  • What hitters Will likes to watch and why
  • Where Will sees the future of hitting headed

You can follow Will on Instagram at @csp_hitting and on Twitter at @middlebrooks.

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