CSP Elite Baseball Development Podcast: Refining Rehab Approaches with Eric Schoenberg

About the Author: Eric Cressey

We’re excited to welcome physical therapist Eric Schoenberg to this week’s podcast. Eric has extensive experience working with individuals from all walks of life, but specializes in working with baseball players. He’ll serve as the physical therapist at the soon-to-open Cressey Sports Performance location in Palm Beach Gardens, FL starting on November 1 as well. In this episode, we discuss the typical challenges baseball players can see movement-wise, as well as how the rehab process can be improved across all populations.

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Show Outline

  • How Eric has evolved as a physical therapist since graduating from PT school
  • How learning to never settle for mediocrity and working to be more familiar with the world of strength and conditioning through CSP has allowed Eric to advance his physical therapy career
  • How being a high quality physical therapist involves appreciating the art of physical therapy as much as the science of the field
  • How Eric became an early adopter of Shirley Sahrmann’s work on movement system impairment syndromes
  • Why young physical therapists and health professionals should work to create their own philosophy for analyzing movement proficiency and how having a model for analyzing movement can help them make better decisions for their clients
  • Why has Eric deviated from the standard time-restricted, semi-private PT model and instead adopted a one-on-one, private model
  • Why the rehabilitation world should move away from its generalist perspective and encourage practitioners to specialize and refer out to others who have more experience rehabilitating a specific injury
  • Why experts need to drop their ego and be open to working with other professionals across the scope of health and human performance
  • What the most common movement impairments Eric sees in baseball players are
  • Where the biggest mistakes occur in the interaction between rehab specialists and strength and conditioning coaches
  • How being a father has influenced Eric’s perspective on youth athletics, the little league experience, and lifelong movement health
  • What big mistakes Eric is seeing in post-op baseball cases
  • How Eric manages transitioning athletes from being completely in the rehab setting back to training at full health over the course of the rehab process
  • What research Eric has been studying to continue to advance his career, and what books he recommends to all health professionals

You can follow Eric on Twitter at @CSP_PhysTherapy and on Instagram at @CSP_PhysTherapy. To contact him directly, you can email eric@diamondphystherapy.com.

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