CSP Elite Baseball Development Podcast with Lou Trivino

About the Author: Eric Cressey

We’re excited to welcome Oakland Athletics relief pitcher Lou Trivino to this week’s podcast. Lou is an awesome story of a minor league breakout player who quickly became an impact player at the MLB level.

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Show Outline

  • How being a three-sport athlete in high school impacted Lou’s early athletic development
  • How Lou ended up at Slippery Rock University out of high school
  • What transformed Lou from a Division 2 arm into an 11th round draft pick in 2013
  • Why Lou was unimpressive initially in pro ball but soon found himself as a transitioned from a starter to a reliever
  • How getting more rotational in his sparked a jump from 89 mph to 96 mph overnight
  • How Lou’s reason for coiling is rooted in maintaining counter rotation and feeling tension, and what thought helps Lou to coil effectively in his delivery
  • How Lou managed the switch from a starter to reliever
  • Why Lou has decided to showcase five pitches out of the pen, and what type of flexibility affords him
  • Why Lou cut back on throwing his cutter early in his professional career
  • How Lou reincorporated the cutter back into his game in 2017, at a higher rate than years prior, and how this pitch has defined his game since
  • Why he utilizes his cutter to gauge how in sync his delivery is, and how throwing an effective cutter is impacted by the movements earlier in the chain
  • How Lou taught Blake Treinen to throw his cutter and how a quality cutter is less about the perfect grip, and more about the approach behind the pitch and feel for the ball out of the hand
  • Why Lou oddly throws his 2-seam faster than his 4-seam fastball and how he has learned to differentiate these pitches
  • What Lou’s routine is for getting hot in the pen
  • How Lous structure his throwing in-season to remain prepared to throw in-game any day of the week
  • What Lou’s recovery process between outings and daily training sessions is
  • How Lou attacks strength training in-season without compromising his performance on the field
  • Who Lou’s favorite player to watch is
  • You can follow Lou on Instagram at @LouTrivino.

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