Elite Baseball Development Podcast: College Recruiting with Matt Hobbs

About the Author: Eric Cressey

We’re excited to welcome University of Arkansas pitching coach Matt Hobbs as our guest for this tenth episode. A special thanks to this show’s sponsor, Pedestal Footwear. Head to https://www.PedestalFootwear.com and enter the coupon code EC20 and you’ll receive a 20% off on your order.

Show Outline

  • How high school athletes can take ownership of their recruiting process and demonstrate their desire to invest in a college program authentically and effectively
  • Why college coaches appreciate accurate, succinct information
  • How pitchers and hitters alike can provide information that matters to these coaches
  • How players should capitalize on the large quantity of televised collegiate baseball games to study, learn, and identify what they need to do to get to the next level
  • Where parents and players should be investing to improve their chances of success
  • Who college coaches seek information from when inquiring about a potential recruit
  • Why parents should refrain from overselling their child’s abilities and how they can more effectively communicate with college coaches
  • What parents and players should be aware of in order to identify and avoid ill-motivated, sketchy college recruiting practices
  • Why players need to look beyond the name of a university and identify what their big rocks are for success in college and life thereafter
  • What Matt’s most impactful lessons are in his experience as a player and coach

You can follow Matt on Twitter at @Hobbs_38.

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