Elite Baseball Development Podcast: Should Pitchers Distance Run?

About the Author: Eric Cressey

I’m flying solo for this week’s podcast, as I wanted to tackle a controversial topic in the world of baseball development: distance running. Before we get to it, though, a special thanks to this show’s sponsor, Athletic Greens. Head to https://www.athleticgreens.com/cressey and you’ll receive a free 10-pack of Athletic Greens travel packets with your first order.

Show Outline

  • Why “traditionalism” is so rooted in baseball, leading to distance running becoming commonplace
  • How athletic performance is a multifactorial equation and coaches should avoid pinpointing success to one specific methodology and being married to the n=1 training approach
  • Why skill coaches need to appreciate the dynamic nature of exercise science and understand that what we know about training athletes is remarkably different from decades prior
  • How the athletes playing baseball have grown to be bigger and heavier over the decades and what the implications are for using outdated training practices with this new breed of baseball players
  • How physiological adaptations are incredibly specific
  • Why coaches need to better understand the energy system demands of baseball and employ methodologies that build an aerobic base rather than thrash their athletes and end up training the players anaerobically
  • Why clearing lactic acid is a poor excuse for using distance running and what the real reasons are for feeling fresh after long distance, low intensity running
  • Why building an aerobic base is necessary for athletic performance and vital for acute and chronic recovery
  • How training an aerobic base requires a much lower intensity than most athletes and coaches think
  • Why using a low amplitude, low variability movement, like distance running, is insufficient for training a high amplitude, low variability movement, like pitching
  • How coaches can implement more practical methods, such as mobility circuits, to drive adaptations, preserve strength and power qualities, and optimize recovery
  • When the ideal time is to target the aerobic system – and how these benefits can best be preserved throughout a season

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