Elite Baseball Development Podcast: The Evolution of Hitting with Bobby Tewksbary

About the Author: Eric Cressey

We’re excited to welcome a well-respected and accomplished hitting coach, Bobby Tewksbary, to the podcast for Episode #15 for an in-depth discussion on the evolution of hitting. A special thanks goes out to this show’s sponsor, VersaPulley. It’s an awesome option for challenging deceleration in multiple planes of motion, and has been an excellent addition to our training at Cressey Sports Performance. They’ve got a great 10% off offer going for our podcast listeners through June 30 at https://www.VersaPulley.com/Cressey10.

Show Outline

  • How Bobby’s experience as a hitter inspired him to become a knowledgeable coach
  • What the old school mindset surrounding hitting was and why ballplayers used to be reluctant to discuss their swing
  • What concepts of hitting are constant and true regardless of the individual
  • How new trends towards the utilization of technology and data are impacting the next generation of batters
  • How the collection of data offers measurable and diagnostic feedback to help manage the swing, identify what athletes need, and conceptualize information to allow hitters to make meaningful changes
  • How the game of baseball is more openminded than ever and how the private sector is taking advantage of this revolution in baseball
  • What qualities players should look for in their hitting coaches and what common mistakes young hitting coaches should avoid
  • Why hitters need to be exposed to failure at a young age to avoid developing an ego-centric, highlight-focused mindset
  • How executing a swing and learning how to hit are very different things – and why this distinction is vital for hitters
  • Why having confidence in the batter’s box is superior to any mechanical factor in a hitter’s swing
  • How Bobby expects hitting to change in the years ahead
  • How Bobby is working to improve his ability to impact hitters with a new project

You can follow Bobby on Instagram at @TewksHitting and Twitter at @TewksHitting – or visit his website at www.TewksHitting.com.

Sponsor Reminder

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