Elite Baseball Development Podcast with Mike Soroka

About the Author: Eric Cressey

We’re excited to welcome Atlanta Braves starting pitcher Mike Soroka to the podcast. A special thanks to this show’s sponsor, Lumberlend. Head to www.Lumberlend.com and enter the coupon code CRESSEY to get 10% off on your order as you customize a bat mug today.   

Show Outline

  • How growing up playing baseball in Canada influenced Mike’s early career
  • How playing for the Canadian national team as a teenager allowed Mike to compete against the best and learn to fail forward at a young age
  • How Mike transformed from a lanky 6-2, 140-pound high school ball player to one of the youngest players in the big leagues
  • What has led Mike to his unique pitching delivery and what positions he prioritizes feeling throughout his throwing motion to remain consistent while still preserving his deception on the mound
  • How Mike differentiates his two-seam and four-seam fastball
  • How Mike learned to spin and manipulate the movement of a baseball by playing with a Wiffle Ball as a kid
  • What key skills and major adjustments helped Mike progress through the minors quickly
  • How learning to command the zone, specifically in different counts, has given Mike an edge in pro ball
  • How having a true grasp of reality and embracing a growth mindset have allowed Mike to shape his mentality to be a mature and successful young pitcher
  • Why making mental adjustments are just as influential as making mechanical adjustments when working to be consistently successful, and how learning to make adjustments on the fly have given Mike an advantage
  • How Mike’s curiosity for answers and appreciation for details have allowed him to master the intricacies of the game of baseball
  • How Mike structures his throwing and training programs on a 5-day rotation, and how he takes advantage of the high-low model to manage stress throughout the season
  • What Mike’s schedule is on game day

You can follow Mike on Instagram at @mikesoroka_ and on Twitter at @mike_soroka28.

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