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Everything You Need to Know About Assess and Correct

Written on January 18, 2011 at 5:33 am, by Eric Cressey

We sometimes get questions about how our products differ from one another, so Mike Robertson stepped up and created the following webinar to describe a bit about one of our most popular products, Assess and Correct.  If you’re on the fence about purchasing, this should help with your decision.

Assess and Correct may be the most comprehensive corrective exercise product on the market.  I feel this DVD is a must have for anyone looking to make positive changes in their athletes’ bodies – or their own.

The assessment section provides simple and detailed information for tests that can help anyone become more aware of their body’s limitations while the correction progressions offer forward thinking solutions that guarantee optimal performance.

Eric, Bill and Mike have done it again!”

Mike Irr
Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, Charlotte Bobcats

“Assess and Correct is the most useful physical evaluation tool I’ve ever seen. It’s like having instant access to the knowledge that Hartman, Robertson, and Cressey have gained through years of experience studying anatomy and human movement, and working with real people.

“But most important, it’s presented in a way that you can put it to use immediately. In fact, the design of the manual is genius because you’re given a series of simple tests to identify postural and movement problems, followed by smart exercise progressions–which you can tailor to a client’s ability—to correct any issues. So it’s a powerful tool that will help any coach create more effective training plans, customized to an individual’s true NEEDS. The upshot: Assess and Correct will make any fitness professional better at what he or she does.

“One other note: Because I’m a fitness journalist, the authors offered me a free manual for review (common in the industry), but I had already purchased it. When they tried to refund my money, I requested that they not. The reason: I found the material to be so valuable that I felt like I SHOULD paid for it. I’m not sure there’s any testimonial I could give that’s better than that.”

Adam Campbell
Fitness Director, Men’s Health

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7 Responses to “Everything You Need to Know About Assess and Correct”

  1. Niel Says:

    It is indeed a great product.

    One thing that would have been convenient if included is some type of table or chart to take down the results of each test as you take a client through them.

  2. Greg R. Says:

    Two thumbs up here! This product has had a huge impact on my body and my clients\’ bodies. If you want to separate yourself from other trainers: Buy It, digest it, apply it. All my warm – ups routines (my own and the routines I write for others) are based off these assessments and CE Progressions. Couldn\’t be happier.

  3. Greg R. Says:


    I have made a chart like that if you are interested contact me. I would be happy to share it.

  4. Sean Says:

    Just ordered from the UK. Hope I get lucky with delivery!

  5. Ibragim Says:

    Bought it ! Really a masterpiece with its images and excellent explanation.. but could someone explain me how many times per day should I perform the correctional exercises and with how many sets ?

  6. Eric Cressey Says:

    Hi Ibragim,

    Just 1-2x/day will suffice. One set of each, in both cases.

  7. John Says:

    Should I perform them everyday,Eric?
    (P.S. btw nice question Ibragim)

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