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Mobility Exercise of the Week: Lying Knee-to-Knee Stretch

Written on August 26, 2009 at 6:22 am, by Eric Cressey

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4 Responses to “Mobility Exercise of the Week: Lying Knee-to-Knee Stretch”

  1. JC Says:

    Love it, Eric. Going to add this to my squat warm up.

  2. Scottlaw Says:

    i always feel like im gaining hip internal rotation at the expense of my medial collateral doing this stretch

  3. Matt Lynch Says:

    Scottlaw, I think you can do them on a swiss ball or something to that degree to negate the mcl issue: I’m pretty sure Cressey addressed this in an earlier article/post on this very stretch when he also referenced a blog post on MikeReinold.com where Mike talks about unilateral, L3-L4 pain linked to an imbalance between external and internal ROM. Look for a post that has a pic of Eric doing the stretch himself on the floor; it has an explanation on how to manipulate the torso to compensate for anterior knee pain.

  4. Tony Ricci Says:

    Hey Eric;

    It was good getting to meet you in person at Long Beach. You were very technical, well reasoned, and one of the top three presenters I got to see (Gray Cook and Brett Jones were my other two). I actually bought tickets for the summit that Thursday after seeing your reference to it in the newletter of the week. My first ever event of the sort (I’m not a PT or personal trainer) and I had a blast!

    General question: I’ve had great luck dealing with previous knee pain issues by addressing flexibility/stability above and below the joint using stuff from the Magnificent Mobility. I avidly follow the information from your site as well as anything else I can scrounge. One question that I haven’t been able to answer is the knee pain that comes from hard deceleration, e.g. “braking” lunges in racquetball, volleyball, and even basketball…the sudden lunging stops cause pain to my knees. It’s the only type of knee pain I haven’t managed to get rid of completely. I know you don’t answer individual questions due to the time commitment, but I hoped to read an eventual article addressing decel instigated pain if it’s something you do encounter in other athletes.


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