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Exercise of the Week: Slideboard Bodysaw Push-up

Written on July 11, 2013 at 8:46 am, by Eric Cressey

It goes without saying that push-up variations are among the best exercises you can incorporate for athletes for a number of reasons.  One problem with them, however, is that some athletes eventually get to the point that they can't progress them to make them challenging enough to provide an ample training effect.  That's why I like the slideboard bodysaw push-up; check out the video below to learn why:

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8 Responses to “Exercise of the Week: Slideboard Bodysaw Push-up”

  1. Jason Says:


    Have you looked into gymnastic rings? I’m not referring to the TRX.

    A pair of gymnastic rings and a box would solve simply and elegantly any demands to increase training effect.


  2. Stephen Holt Says:

    Thanks, Eric. I hadn’t seen this variation before. (And it’s not just variety for the sake of variety.) I’m putting this one into my workout today (before I unleash it on the clients who can handle it).

  3. Jim Nonnemacher Says:

    Eric, I have clients do a similar movement using dumbbells, so that instead of the slide board they have their hands on 2 dumbbells position so that they can roll forward. During the pushup, one arm/hand rolls one DB away from the body, this movement alternates between sides.

    This version has 2 “unstable” platforms….the one thsat rolls the DB away and the other that’s stabilizing the position of the “stationary DB.

  4. Shane Says:

    Hurts me just looking at it!. Very nice.

  5. aj Says:


  6. mark Says:

    hi Eric,

    can i also do this using an ab wheel??



  7. Eric Cressey Says:


    Not sure how you’d set it up…

  8. Mayo Holloway Says:

    Great exercise gonna try it today,I just have fun on Sundays this looks fun.Thanks

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