Exercise of the Week: Slideboard Bodysaw Push-up with Opposite Leg Reach

About the Author: Eric Cressey

Imagine a slideboard bodysaw push-up married a yoga push-up with opposite leg reach – and then they had an absolute savage of a child. They’d name him. If you’re looking for a next level body weight exercise to use during these crazy times, look no further than the slideboard bodysaw push-up with opposite leg reach, which is our exercise of the week!

Important coaching cues:

1. Don’t let the lower back arch or the head to shoot into forward head posture.

2. Keep the upper arm at roughly a 30-45 degree angle to the side. It shouldn’t be tucked in tight to the side.

3. This movement is best executed smoothly. In other words, don’t segment the yoga push-up from the reach (which would make it “hitchy”). Be athletic!

4. I’ll usually program it for 5-8 reps per side on each set.

5. I love this for times of year when I’m trying to get athletes in and out of the gym with shorter training sessions, as you effectively get an anterior core and upper body pressing exercise in one.

6. This is a more advanced push-up progression. If you don’t have the strength and core control to do at least ten clean body weight push-ups, it shouldn’t be in your program.

7. If you’re at home and don’t have access to a slideboard or Valslide, you can try a furniture slider or sock over your hand on a tile/wood floor.

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