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Mobility Exercise of the Week: Wall Ankle Mobilization

Written on October 20, 2009 at 6:11 am, by Eric Cressey

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4 Responses to “Mobility Exercise of the Week: Wall Ankle Mobilization”

  1. Danny McLarty Says:

    Hey Eric. I heard that if you have your foot 3.5″ away from the wall, and you can hit it with you knee (while keeping the heel down) that your ROM is in fine. Is that about right? Also, are you concerned if a person has a noticeable asymmetry…even if both sides test as “mobile enough.” i.e. 1 side you can get 3.5″ away from the wall, and the other side you can get 4.5″ away?


  2. Jack Says:


    Do you start against the wall and then keep moving the foot out (doing reps as you go) until just before you can no longer keep the heel flat and THEN perform 8 reps in that position?

    Or was moving the foot away from the wall simply shown to illustrate what progression would look like over the course of weeks as a person’s ankle mobility steadily improves?

  3. Chris Says:

    Is it ok to do the drill as a multi plane move (8 reps over front of foot, then 8 knee over big toe, then 8 over little toe)? Thanks

  4. LeslieW Says:

    Great stuff! I gave you some link love on the UltiTraining.com blog today:



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