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Exercise(s) of the Week: Serratus Wall Slides

Written on August 12, 2014 at 8:27 am, by Eric Cressey

Serratus anterior is a really important muscle - and it works hand-in-hand with proper function of your thoracic spine (upper back). Check out these two drills we utilize to get it doing its job:

For more shoulder-friendly training drills like this, check out our new resource, Functional Stability Training of the Upper Body.


  • Mark Shires

    Great info as always. Never thought of engaging the serratus that way with that exercise. Cuff weights at the biceps and loops at the elbow (iso ER) are variations I use.

  • Tim Enfield


    Great video. Is a flared elbow position as the athlete raises his/ arms a compensation from the subscap for lack of serratus strength? And, in that regard, would a mini band wall crawl be a suitable alternative, cueing protraction?

  • HI Eric!
    Would this help with scapula winging and stabilizing my humerous in the shoulder joint? I had supra tear repair 2 years ago this May. AndI still wing, and have rounded shoulders. I still cant get those scap to lie flat and glide how they should.

    Many thanks for your videos!!


  • Tim,

    I don’t think that’s what it is. More just a matter of positioning; I kept him a bit wider at the start. Otherwise, they tend to dive the hands together (horizontal abduction instead of actual protraction).

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