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FFL Week 1: The Continued Education of Larrabee

Written on September 9, 2008 at 11:56 am, by Eric Cressey

Today marks the first installment of my Tuesday Fantasy Football recap. I know this is a strength and conditioning/fitness/nutrition blog, so I’ll do my best to keep it at least loosely related to fitness. No promises in this regard, though.

Kevin Larrabee’s learned a lot in his few weeks as a Cressey Performance intern. He understands the importance of glenohumeral internal rotation for baseball players, can teach a good box squat, and has even managed to put a few inches onto his vertical jump. We’re even hoping that Kevin will soon realize that if you get stapled on bench press attempts at 300, 285, and 280 (in that order), that it’s probably better to cut your losses and move on to your assistance work rather than having another Spike and attempting 280 again. But, I digress…

This weekend, Kevin learned that you should never, ever, ever, ever, ever mess with EC in the realm of fantasy football. Here was the basic theme of Kevin’s weekend of football:

Yes, folks; he got bent over.

(and for the record, you shouldn’t rerack weights like this)

I mean, Tony Dungy didn’t even think Joseph Addai needed to play the 4th quarter to get me the win. In fact, my defense (Tennessee) outscored Kevin’s two running backs and quarterback combined. It was bittersweet, though, as New England fans (myself included) lost our quarterback (Tom Brady) for the season as Kevin lost his pride and #1 overall draft pick. Unfortunately for Kevin, unlike Brady, he doesn’t have a supermodel at home to console him. I guess those Star Trek reruns and Dungeons and Dragons sets will have to do.

Congrats to Jason SChuman for posting the high score of the week. And, yes, that “C” was intentionally capitalized.

1-0. You’re next, Pete.

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  1. SG Human Performance Says:

    Too funny Eric! Poor Kevin. Really like your blogs and loved your article on 5 mistakes on t-nation. You should consider putting a link to it so your bloggers can read it. I thought it was great! Keep up the great work.

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