FFL Week 4: An Admirable Effort from the Free Agent All-Stars

About the Author: Eric Cressey

I pretty much wrote off Week 4 intentionally during my fantasy football draft, as I had four starters on bye weeks (three from Indianapolis, and one from Seattle). I figured that anything I could salvage this week – even if it was just a good point total for potential tie-breakers down the road – would be a good result.

I wound up losing 101-98; it wasn’t even decided until Monday night. Props to Danny for putting up his best showing of the year in spite of being on a severe caloric deficit that’s given rise to such gems as:

“This diet is making me sharper, angrier, cockier. Driving into work at 6am this morning, I was shoveling 8oz. of grass fed ground sirloin and broccoli with parmesan into my piehole while gargling SPIKE.”


“I am annoyed and grumpy as as hungry grizzly bear that has been waiting at the foot of the riverbed for the salmon to spawn.”

Nonetheless, he put up triple digits for the first time this year.

I picked up Steve Slaton as a free agent last week to fill in for Joseph Addai, and he scored me 17 points. As usual, though, I didn’t get jack from my tight end; Heath Miller has apparently been collaborating with every other TE I’ve started this year on a plot to put me through years of therapy. He had a whopping eight yards receiving last night for a total of zero points – when just 22 yards receiving more would have gotten me a tie.

However, Kurt Warner is the goat of the week. With 472 yards passing and 2 TDs, you’d think he’d be the highlight of my team – but the truth is that he was the third-highest scorer because he had 87 fumbles and two inconsequential (for him, anyway) interceptions in the fourth quarter. If Warner just takes a knee, I win.

Oh, and in a game where 91 points were scored, Chansi Stuckey had just two catches for 12 yards. I watched most of the game and seriously couldn’t see him anywhere on the field. He didn’t get a single mention from the commentators. As it turns out, he was in the locker room playing video games wearing Laveranues Coles’ away jersey the entire time trying to live vicariously through Coles, who actually catches passes.

But, all that said, 98 points on my bye week isn’t too shabby. Good showing, fellas, and congrats, Danny.

Oh, and on an interesting note, the top 3 scorers this week were the three guys on the Warpspeed Fat Loss program. Coincidence? Hmm…