FFL Week 9: My Vote Goes To…

About the Author: Eric Cressey

….Greg Olsen of the Chicago Bears as the newest representative of the “Eric Cressey’s Tight Ends Can’t Score Points Club.” I lost 73-72 this week and he scored me a whopping one point.

The only thing more pathetic than losing to someone who puts just 73 points on the board is delayed-onset muscle soreness from bowling. And, yes, that happened to me this week as well. I hadn’t bowled in about five years, and we went on Sunday night. Sure enough, Monday morning, the DOMS had kicked in. How is it that I trap bar deadlifted 625 pounds last week and had zero soreness, yet rolling a ball could actually do that? I know non-familiarity is a part of the equation, but it’s still absurd.

Oh yeah, I bowl like an uncoordinated chimp. Let’s just say that I barely outscored my fantasy football team.

As with the past few weeks, if you don’t like fantasy football (or bowling, for that matter), check out this week’s newsletter. I go into some detail on the types of shoulder impingement and how each needs to be managed differently.