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Get Bigger By Doing Less

Written on June 17, 2009 at 1:27 pm, by Eric Cressey

It’s pretty busy around here as I catch up after being out of the office for a few days for a big sports medicine conference, but fortunately, a T-Muscle compilation to which I contributed ran today.  Check it out: Get Bigger By Doing Less

3 Responses to “Get Bigger By Doing Less”

  1. Matt S Says:

    I really wish I would have listened to advice like this sooner. I’m heading into my fourth year lifting and only recently started using deload weeks. Actually – it was solely based on the recommendation Maximum Strength makes!

    I’m entering Phase 2 starting tomorrow, this is going to kick ass. I can’t wait.

    The template mentioned in the article, and MS, will be something I follow for life.

    “Week 1: high
    Week 2: medium
    Week 3: very high
    Week 4: low”


  2. SteelerBill Says:

    Eric…your comments/article over at T-Nation (“Advice you Don’t Want to Hear Part II”) is absolutely dead on….

  3. Rafi Bar-Lev Says:

    Absolutely right. Sometimes a break is just what your body needs to boost its strength.

    Rafi Bar-Lev

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