Great Results for a One-Time Consultation Client

About the Author: Eric Cressey

Back in 2008, Ray Bennett made the trip from the West Coast all the way out to see me here in Massachusetts to figure out how to train around some chronic knee issues and get his body right so that he could compete as a bodybuilder at the young age of 41.  After his initial consult and training sessions at Cressey Performance, Ray “endured” four months of online consulting programs with me before we threw him back out into the wild on his own.

Recently, the bodybuilding dream came to fruition for Ray, and when I saw the pictures, I was so impressed that I asked if he’d be willing to be somewhat of a “posterboy” for our one-time consultation program at Cressey Performance (and my online consulting set-up) with a testimonial and some pictures.  As the pictures below show, those knees are doing just fine! Check it out:

“After meeting Eric in person for an evaluation at Cressey Performance in Boston I travelled back home to Portland, Oregon where I embarked on a new method of training.  I was so impressed with the knowledge and work ethic Eric and his performance facility displayed that I entered into a remote, on line coaching agreement.  For four months Eric programmed all my training, instructed me on proper exercise mechanics and answered all of my detailed questions without fail.  As an aging amateur bodybuilder I found I had hit a plateau in my training and was racking up more injuries than personal bests.  Eric understood that my failure to advance was due to a lack of focus on the core compound lifts and functional movement patterns.  With Eric’s help I began making progress again and all of my old aches and pains resolved.  He gave me the tools I needed to rediscover the reasons I go to the gym which are to excel and be my best.  Along these lines he helped inspire me to set a goal of actually competing in my very first contest.  I am in the best shape of my life, able to run and jump with my son pain free and am continually breaking personal lifting records that have stood for 25 years.  I am excited about my newfound viability in the gym and I have Eric to thank for laying the foundation.”

Ray Bennett
41 year old Natural Bodybuilder (2010 Vancouver Natural Bodybuilding Championship Competitor – 40 and over class)


A big congratulations goes out to Ray Bennett for not only an awesome transformation, but also for being living proof that no matter how annoying an injury is, you can always find a way to train around it and get better.

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