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Happy Holidays!

Written on December 24, 2008 at 7:33 am, by Eric Cressey

With the holidays upon us, I’m going to be taking a few days off from blogging.  I did, however, want to take this last opportunity to wish all of you Happy Holidays and thank you for your continued support.  This website has grown exponentially in popularity in 2008, and I have you to thank for your loyalty and enthusiasm (and, in some cases, patience for listening to me ramble).

All the best to you and your families this holiday season!


PS – Merry Christmas, Tony; this one is for you (and all of your deprived readers):

2 Responses to “Happy Holidays!”

  1. Scott Moore Says:

    All the best to you, too!

    You have been a great inspiration to me. I started lifting 18 months ago (at age 45, weight 195, 26% body fat). I dropped to 15% and have gained about 10 lbs of muscle so I’m around 180 lbs now. But, more to the point, I had never lifted before. I *love* deadlifting. It has changed my life. And your articles about deadlifting (and, yes, your smack-down videos, too) have helped me tremendously.

    I just tested my deadlift 1RM yesterday and pulled a 405. Again, pretty happy considering I hadn’t lifted *ever* until 18 months ago. I don’t have any folks who lift like I do at the rec center where I lift. I’m the only one doing deads, squats, dips, presses, chins. It’s nice in one way since I *never* have to wait for the rack, even though I lift most mornings from 6-8am. But it helps knowing that folks at CP are bustin’ their butts like I am; so I know I’m not really alone.

    Thanks for keeping me focused and helping to keep me fired up. I’ll definitely look up CP if I ever get up to New England.

    Have a wonderful holidays. (And, just for you, I’ll be pulling for the Patriots and hoping that Mark Teixeira trips over all his money and breaks a leg.)

  2. Wonder Woman Says:

    My crime fighting partner Aquaman wanted to see the clip again on Tony’s blog and AHH! it’s gone (along with my Charlie the Tuna hit on Tony.) Thanks for posting it on your blog; it really made my Chrishanukkah. I might just buy you a beanie for this one Eric.

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