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How to Build Bulletproof Shoulders

Written on April 9, 2014 at 6:29 am, by Eric Cressey

I had a new article published today at T-Nation.  As you'll see, it builds on some of the thoughts I published here at EricCressey.com a few weeks ago.  Check it out: 

---> How to Build Bulletproof Shoulders <---


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8 Responses to “How to Build Bulletproof Shoulders”

  1. Tony Says:

    Great article Eric, thanks.
    I’m a boxer and can really only fit 2 strength training sessions in my training schedule per week.
    Which of your training programs would suite me? I want to get stronger and more athletic, while keeping my shoulders and rest of my body healthy and injury free. Thanks.

  2. Charlie Says:

    “The research is pretty clear that the best way to train the rotator cuff for high performance is perfect technique, but not even coming close to failure. Fatigue might be your friend when you’re doing a drop set for your quads or biceps, but it’s your enemy when you’re trying to establish a strong and effective rotator cuff”.

    Eric, in regards to training to failure/exhaustion, are you referring just to high performance rotator cuff training or does this account for rehabilitation as well? Also, what are the biggest differences between PREhab and Rehab shoulder training exercise prescription?

    I have been taught by many ATCs that it is very important to train the shoulder for muscular endurance before strength. Are we to assume the healthy should has the right amount of endurance?

    I understand that failure/exhaustion training leads to a break down in technique, so my thoughts lead me to the idea of training to technique failure. What are your thoughts?

    Also, what is your opinion on the concept of training the shoulders for optimal stiffness, is this the goal of training the shoulders?

    Thank you

  3. Eric Cressey Says:


    The High Performance Handbook program would be the best bet. It’s got a 2x/week program that’d work great for you.

  4. Marco Says:

    Hey Eric, Great article. I’ve recently been looking into Indian club training to help build stronger rotator cuffs and mobility. I would like to know your thoughts and opinion on indian club training. Thanks

  5. Eric Cressey Says:


    I don’t think it alone will get the job done, but it certainly has its place as part of an overall program.

  6. Jerald Cravenor @abgliderhelper Says:

    Hi Marco,
    thank you for the share I was looking out for a shoulder programm for quite q while. Do you know a good programm for legs?

  7. Mark Says:

    Eric, I suffer from upper back tightness (thoracic spine & especially sternum feel locked, like everything is pulling forward towards my sternum) so thought I’d try the bench t-spine mobilization.

    Unsurprisingly I find this hard – but my main concern is how do I perform it without arching my low back please? I obviously try not to arch but struggle to maintain good form in this respect. Thank you

  8. Eric Cressey Says:


    Set your pelvis up in a bit of posterior tilt (butt tucks under) before you begin.

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