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I Am Laughing at this…

Written on October 9, 2008 at 3:30 pm, by Eric Cressey

…but not for the reasons they’d like me to be laughing.

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And, I don’t feel any leaner.

10 Responses to “I Am Laughing at this…”

  1. Max Shank Says:


  2. Luka Hocevar Says:

    I couldn’t even hear the sound and I feel a little dumber watching that….

  3. Sent Says:

    Be thankful you couldn’t hear that banshee

  4. Regina Says:

    I am embarrassed for my gender. Enjoying the random thoughts EC hope all is well.


  5. Aitch Says:

    No she di’nt. Good lord that is truly bizarre. I wonder if you can cry your ass off?

  6. Lauren Says:

    This has to be a joke right???

  7. AT22 Says:

    That look at the end is the priceless part.

  8. dgroce Says:

    That would be the most annoying research study to be a part of – ever.

  9. Jared Says:

    when she started laughing I thought someone farted and she couldn’t keep a straight face……I kept rewinding to hear the fart but it never happened……..IT NEVER HAPPENED!!!

  10. Frank Says:

    I have truly seen it all now.

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