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I’ll admit it: this week was lame.

Written on April 16, 2009 at 6:27 am, by Eric Cressey

I got back late from Easter and pulled a blog together at the last minute on Monday morning – hoping to just kick the can down the road to a big Tuesday night blog (was out of town all day Tuesday). I think the Doga piece satisfied the comedic interests of you, the readers, but I’m afraid it was a little light on the content.

So, my goal for Wednesday was to come through with some crazy geeky content, but I just didn’t get much quality time on the laptop – and the project was kicked back to this morning.  I started writing some sweet content, but it just kept stretching on and on and on – to the point that it was too long to be a blog.  So, that’ll be my newsletter early next week.  Subscribe to the right of the screen if you want to read it.

That said, I just devoted about 45 minutes to writing, and I still have no blog for Thursday.  So, I’m going to cut my losses, brainstorm for Friday, and give you the best filler content I can think up in the meantime for today.

First, I’m going to encourage you to check out this Precision Nutrition Athlete Profile on Cressey Performance Athlete and Oakland A’s minor league pitcher Shawn Haviland.  Shawn completely changed his body this off-season and had a nice velocity jump from 87-89 to 91-93mph – and he’s off to a good start for the Kane County Cougars.  He’s got a nice blog rolling, too: Ivy League to MLB.

Second, I’ve got a little challenge for you.  One of CP’s newest high-level athlete additions is Danny O’Connor, a boxer who was a member of the 2008 US Olympic Team.  Danny has turned pro since the Olympics, compiling a record of 5-0 with 3 knockouts, and we’re currently in the process of preparing him for his fight on April 25 at Foxwoods (shown on Showtime, for those interested).  This kid enters the gym and instantly, everyone gets fired up to train.

Here’s the thing, though: Danny might be the only professional boxer in history without a nickname.  Nobody’s come up with something good enough yet, he says.  I suggested “135 Pounds of Irish Fury,” but he didn’t seem to go for it.  So, let’s see if my readers can do better than I did.  What do you suggest for a nickname?  Post your suggestions as comments on this blog.

12 Responses to “I’ll admit it: this week was lame.”

  1. Todd Says:

    Danny the storm O Connor
    Danny K-O’Connor
    Danny the hammer O Connor
    Danny being Danny o Connor
    Danny jaw rocker o connor
    Danny i enjoy boxing o connor
    Danny i’ll pound your face o connor
    Danny just livin the dream o connor
    Danny damage o connor

    jk on some of those…good luck with training!

  2. Mike Says:

    Danny “The Destroyer” O’ Connor
    Danny “The Demolisher” O’ Connor
    Danny “The (Irish) Bomber” O’Connor
    Danny “The Marauder” O’ Connor
    Danny “The Dancer” O’ Connor (j/k…don’t punch me!)
    Danny “The Dominator” O’Connor
    Just a few suggestions. Best wishes on your fight!

  3. Kenny Says:

    Danny ‘The Horror’ O Connor…? He can come out to MJ’s Thriller… No??? Ok, I admit, that was bad..

    Danny Destruction.
    Danny The Destroyer O Connor.
    Danny ‘Trap Bar’ O connor.
    Low Carb Dan.

    OK I’m done. Hope that helps 😉

  4. Irish Steve Says:

    “Doc” – its his initials and he’ll prescribe a some pain for ya


  5. Joe Says:

    The Irish Car Bomb. After every KO he can throw 1 down in the ring

    Celtic Fury

  6. AB Says:

    Mighty Whitey.

  7. Ramon castellanos Says:

    Danny “The love of gloves” O’connor

  8. Blake Theisen Says:

    Danny “The Lil’ Leprechaun” O’connor
    Danny “Gift of Jab” O’connor (kissing the blarney stone gives you the “gift of gab”)
    Danny” The Blessing” O’connor (Irish Blessings…very popular)

  9. Steph Says:

    Have him ask my class tomorrow for a nickname. I bet they come up with something BRILLIANT (’cause you know their teacher is.) They are so PUMPED to meet him.

  10. Chris Says:

    “The Irish Assassin”

  11. jeff Cohan Says:

    Danny ” The Tower of power” O connor… he is tall and lanky and based on the video clip powerful and it rolls out nice if you puncuate with pauses – Danny……The Tower…of Power…. O’Connorrrrr!!!!

  12. The Bryguy Says:

    I have to say I really like DOC! You could even say The Doctor, and DOC for short. Come on, Danny “The Doctor” O’connor….. or even better “The Doctor” Danny O’Connor…….Doctor Danny……The Doc……??????

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