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Intern Hazing: Installment 1

Written on June 8, 2009 at 9:31 am, by Eric Cressey

If you’re an intern here at Cressey Performance, it’s not enough to just get smarter, become a better coach, and refine your vacuuming prowess.  You have to get diesel, too.

This summer’s crop of interns began to learn that the hard way last Thursday when their introductory challenge, the 16×16 sled relay, was proposed to them.  Lucky for them, we only used three plates (instead of four).  Also lucky for them, they were assisted by Alex Hill, an 17-year-old Cressey Performance athlete (and recent Wayland High School graduate) with about 1.5 years of training experience with us under his belt. As you’ll see, he crushes them.

In watching this video, you’ll realize:

a) Interns do not know how to turn a sled without flipping it over.  Just imagine them trying to parallel park their cars.

b) They went out of order.  And, they stopped early – and then realized that there was more to do. Poor, confused souls.

c) They struggle with double-knotting their shoelaces.

d) They got dominated by a high school athlete (oops…already said that)

e) Several of the intern trips resembled this dude:


f) The sleeve monster attacked two of them prior to this challenge.

g) Roger’s last trip was painful – quite possibly as painful to watch as this.

This Thursday, we’ll be teaching them about the birds and the bees, and then crushing them with something else.  These boys will be diesel by the end of the summer if it’s the last thing we do.

7 Responses to “Intern Hazing: Installment 1”

  1. Matt S Says:

    The sled video is great!

    Very funny post, Eric.

    It’s great to hear CP has an internship program. These guys will be rockstars by the time you are done with them!

  2. Steph Says:

    It’s bad enough that I have to listen to the same damn cd over and over when I train, but couldn’t someone have at least thought to change it for the video? Talk about being a slave to Audioslave.

  3. Cassandra (Cass) Says:

    OMG – where did you find that Miss American video? That almost killed me! Thanks for the laugh! 🙂 See you Saturday!

  4. Roger Lawson Says:

    I will not be embarrassed again!


  5. Courtney Says:

    Wow Roger… That was special. You have much to learn young grasshopper. Maybe try velcro shoes next time. Can’t wait to watch you try that again.

  6. stu Says:

    Roger – it’s ok. I was throwing up for you just watching. I no longer wish my gym gets a sled. fack.

    Miss Teen America makes me happy I’m in Canada.

  7. JC Says:

    Oh how this brings me back! Puking in the field house will always be fond memories of mine.

    Nice job, Roger.

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