It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year…

About the Author: Eric Cressey

You might find it weird that I’m playing this song on March 16.

Then again, if you really know me, you know exactly what I mean.  Yes, folks, it’s the first day of the high school baseball season.  Loads of great kids busted their humps with us this off-season, and now we get to go out and watch them perform.  I’m also excited to take a few road trips to catch our pro guys in action.  I love it.

Meanwhile, we’ve been getting more and more variety around Cressey Performance.  While about 74% of our clients are baseball players, and we always had people from different disciplines, we’ve been getting a lot more hockey, football, basketball, and endurance athletes, plus adult fitness clients.  I love being a “baseball guy,” but variety is always great, too.

We’ve had a good run of weather in the Boston area, too.  Anytime you can get temperatures over 60 degrees F in Boston before St. Patrick’s Day, you’ve got to consider yourself pretty lucky.  A few of us have been sprinting stadiums over at Soldiers Field at Harvard for the past few weekends, and the weather’s been really cooperative.

I also get to travel a fair amount this time of year for seminars.  And, while I am not fond of sitting in airports, I love interacting with fitness professionals and strength and conditioning coaches at these events.  Everyone has a unique story to tell, and I enjoy getting questions that push me to be better at what I do.  It’s also a great chance to catch up with great friends and colleagues across the country who I may only see 2-3 times per year.

It’s also an extremely productive time for me as a writer.  My days at the facility start a bit later now, so I can focus a bit more on writing.  And, when I write at night, I know I can always listen to the online broadcast of one of our pro baseball guys playing anywhere from Portland, Oregon to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  If you have particular topics you’d like covered in blogs, newsletters, or articles, by all means, please offer some suggestions in the comments section below.  I’ve already got a new product in the works.

And, perhaps most significantly, this time of year is when I make my best gains in the gym.   It’s just my nature to put all our athletes’ needs way ahead of my own, and that usually manifests itself in the form of achy knees from spending long hours on the hard floor at CP. I’ve also been sick twice this winter, which is unheard of for me; I never get sick.  In fact, I lost my voice for both Friday and Saturday and was practically coaching in Morse code and “thumbs-up/thumbs-down” signs.  I’m feeling better now, though.

As a result, my training frequency and volume isn’t as high during the baseball off-season, but once things get going in March-May, we ramp it up.  Later this morning, I’m headed over to get a massage to get the ball rolling.

So, if you don’t have anything to smile about today, just smile on my behalf!