Lynx Grips: Our Most Versatile Piece of Training Equipment

About the Author: Eric Cressey

Back in 2006, Indiana Pacers Strength and Conditioning Coach Shawn Windle told me about a new piece of training equipment and connected me with the company that made it.  A week or so later, my first pair of Lynx Grips arrived in the mail – and I’ve been using them extensively ever since.  In fact, I found Lynx Grips to be so versatile that when the opportunity to buy a small portion of the company arose, I wrote a check immediately.

Originally, the grips were positioned as a better alternative than lifting gloves, especially for females who didn’t want to develop “man hands” from lifting heavy stuff.  They certainly prevent the issue completely.  My fiancee loves them – and actually refers to them as her “tacos.”


The more I used them, though, the more I realized that we could integrate them in our strength and conditioning programs with a multitude of other benefits.

I recommended Lynx Grips to my online consulting clients who trained in places (i.e., commercial gyms) that didn’t allow chalk – and the grips made it easier to pull heavy without losing one’s grip during sweaty training sessions.  Problem solved.

Conversely, we also started using the Lynx Grips to make grip strength exercises harder – by doubling or even tripling them up to thicken a handle.  Another problem solved.

Then, we turned around and used the grips to make things easier on the hands again – but wrapping them around the connector chains we use for reverse sled drags.  This made it easier for us to haze interns (you’ll notice him pick up the Lynx Grips at the 2:05 mark of this video). Problem solved…again.

Lastly, we have certain bars – the giant cambered bars, safety squat bars, and farmer’s walk bars – that are slightly thinner than other bars, so our muscle clamps don’t keep the plates from sliding during one’s set.  Slide a Lynx Grip in the small space between the clamp and the bar, and you’re good to go.  Yet another problem solved.  Look closely, and you’ll see four of them being put to good use in this medley:

I’m not the only one who feels this way.  Dozens and dozens of collegiate and professional sports teams are using Lynx Grips on a daily basis in our strength training programs.

What’s the take-home message?  Lynx Grips are the real deal: versatile, convenient, durable, and affordable.  Check them out HERE.


(I’d recommend you pick up two pairs – which is four total grips – so that you can double or triple them up for grip work.)

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