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Maximum Strength and HIIT Sessions

Written on August 18, 2008 at 11:45 am, by Eric Cressey

Q: My question concerns the combination of your Maximum Strength program and HIIT workouts. Comments I have read by you indicate that HIIT training is detrimental to progress in your program. Could you explain why? Thanks for all that you do.

A: Give this article a read; it should answer your questions:

Of course, some things change if you are a guy who is more focused on getting lean, maintaining/improving cardiovascular fitness, or conditioning for a particular sport that warrants a lot of interval training. It’s the give and take between maximal strength and performance in some other discipline.

There are a lot of elite strength and power athletes who couldn’t run a mile in under 12 minutes – or even finish a mile at all! These are the folks who either a) have to keep body fat levels in check with diet, lifting, and very low intensity supplemental activity or b) not worry about body fat levels much at all, as strength and power are the name of the game.

For more information, check out Maximum Strength.

3 Responses to “Maximum Strength and HIIT Sessions”

  1. Barry Says:

    From your article:
    “this is just one more reason why conjugated and undulating periodization schemes take the cake when compared to linear periodization models. If you want to be stronger, why avoid training with heavy weights for the majority of the year?”

    You assume too much knowledge of the reader. What are some examples of each scheme/model and what makes one more effective than the other? It’s not clear from what you’ve written and I’d like to know more.



  2. Doug Groce Says:

    So someone like a high school wrestler needs to be strong and in top condition—

    I just got a client who wants to meet several days a week and it’s still the off-season.

    It depends on his goals, but it seems like a good time to focus on strength while maintaining adequate cardiovascular fitness..

    Anybody have any thoughts?

  3. Anonymous Says:

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