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Maximum Strength for Baseball

Written on December 17, 2008 at 6:46 am, by Eric Cressey

As a guy who trains a ton of baseball players – and is a competitive powerlifter (and weight-training author), I get a ton of questions from both baseball coaches/players and folks looking to get stronger (and healthier, for that matter).  And, to take it a step further, since the release of Maximum Strength, I’ve gotten a lot of questions about whether or not Maximum Strength is appropriate for baseball players.

My response is “yes” – but only  with some important modifications:

1. Substitution of dumbbell bench pressing in place of barbell bench pressing (rep count will have to come up a bit higher, as you aren’t going to be doing heavy dumbbell bench pressing singles)
2. Substitution of clap push-ups in place of speed benching
3. Substitution of front squats in place of back squats
4. Substitution of alternating low incline dumbbell press in place of 1-arm dumbbell push press
5. Really emphasize the sleeper stretch, wall triceps stretch, and elbow flexors stretches – particularly after you throw.



For more information, check out Maximum Strength.

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3 Responses to “Maximum Strength for Baseball”

  1. Michael Deeb Says:

    I’m a 6’2 200lb left handed pitcher. I’m 15 years old and i also play defensive end in football I’ve found alot of great stuff on this website to add to my traing routines.

  2. Cam Galgano Says:

    Hey Eric,
    You have some great stuff on this website. I am a 5’7 160 lb outfielder who just quit football to focus on baseball. Does Maximum Strength have any conditioning work in it as well?

    Thanks, Cam

  3. Eric Cressey Says:


    I’d actually recommend Show and Go instead. We’ve had quite a few baseball guy utilized it with great success.

    I modified some modifications for it at Show and Go for Baseball Strength and Conditioning.

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