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Meet “Tank:” The Official Mascot of Cressey Performance

Written on October 17, 2010 at 6:15 pm, by Eric Cressey

I just have a quick blog today to introduce you to the newest member of the Cressey Performance team.  My wife and I got our new puppy on Saturday – and thanks to voting by many of the CP clientele, we chose to name him “Tank.”

Believe it or not, he’s actually a puggle…one of the less common cream-colored ones.  So, he’ll basically look like a yellow lab puppy forever (unless we get him jacked, as his name implies!).

Needless to say, it was a busy and exciting weekend, so that’ll do it for blog content for today.  More to come soon!

3 Responses to “Meet “Tank:” The Official Mascot of Cressey Performance”

  1. John J Williams Says:

    if you need some exercise routines for your canine, let me know. I have dogged it for years.

    JJ Williams

  2. Derek Says:

    very cute 🙂

  3. Fredrik Gyllensten Says:

    Haha, cute!

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