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Mike Boyle on The State of the Sports and Fitness Industry

Written on October 13, 2009 at 2:00 am, by Eric Cressey

The newsletters for today and tomorrow consist of some outstanding stuff from two guys who really “get it” in our industry.  One of my biggest goals with this site is to make it a constant source of up-to-date, cutting-edge information – and that means that I’ll often refer you to great stuff from colleagues who can help you, too.

First up, I just couldn’t resist posting this link to an excellent interview with Mike Boyle on the “status quo” in our industry.  Mike’s had a lot of years “in the trenches” and has acquired a great perspective on training individuals of all ages, ability levels, and goals – and the business side of fitness. He talks about what separates good trainers from bad trainers, gives his honest appraisal of a variety of equipment, and the importance of a constantly evolving training philosophy. I’d highly recommend checking this out:

The State of the Sports and Fitness Industry


Tomorrow, we’ll have a great guest post from Tim DiFrancesco, a forward-thinking physical therapist with an excellent tip on improving shoulder function.

For now, though, check out Mike’s interview – and be sure to post your replies here; I’m curious about everyone’s thoughts!  On a semi-related note, Mike’s got a new DVD coming out soon that I’m sure won’t disappoint!

4 Responses to “Mike Boyle on The State of the Sports and Fitness Industry”

  1. Matt G Says:

    Great stuff as always from those two. Mike’s “flaw” of ever-changing and learning speaks to why he remains at the forefront of the field.

    I only wish the Perform Better summit wasn’t so far away.

  2. Bruce Kelly Says:

    As usual Mike is on the mark. Focus on getting results for your clients/athletes, the need for always learning/continuing education, and your service/results are the crux of your marketing efforts, etc.
    Bruce Kelly

  3. Ari Sofer Says:

    I like what Mike says about “Standing on the shoulders of Giants.” This is so true, we all need to learn from the experts and save ourselves valuable time and energy. Continuous learning is the key to success. Also, another point Mike made that reasonated with me is on the state of youth athletics and were it is going. I believe this is so important b/c if we as coaches and trainers can better educate and train our young clients and athletes with better programs that correct dysfunction, make them stronger and improve their functional capacity, then we can begin to make rapid strides in the strength and conditioning field. We want to provide them with a better foundation to build upon so when they go to the next level, we can improve upon their abilities, not so much have to take steps back and teach more foundational skills.

  4. Mike Alves Says:

    Pretty awesome! Boyle & Cosgrove talking shop. Boyle’s got some sort of Standing on the Shoulders of Giants Book coming out. Be a results guy, not a “insert equipment object here” guy or “style of training here” guy.

    Cressey, Mike Reinold wrote, we’re supposed to bring our pillows to CP for your seminar. There’s a lot of jokes that can be said about that. You sure you don’t have some airex pads or dyna discs we can use instead?

    Keep up your great work.

    Mike Alves

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