Nate Green’s Hero Handbook: Cool (and Free) Read with No Strings Attached

About the Author: Eric Cressey

I’ll be brief today, as I have a lot going on, and frankly, Nate Green can better explain what he has going on than I can.

Nate’s a great dude and excellent writer, and he’s doing a free giveaway at his website of his “Hero Handbook,” which is basically a how-to guide that covers everything from personal, to physical, to professional development.  So, whether you want to get strong, get lean, get self-employed, or get a girlfriend/boyfriend, it’s a good read.  I really enjoyed it.

No charge; it’s just a sweet free gift Nate’s made available as a thank you to his readers.  It’s so thorough that it deserves more than just a “Stuff You Should Read” column, so I’m giving it an entire blog.  Check it out: The Hero Handbook.