New Cressey Sports Performance Shirt Options!

About the Author: Eric Cressey

Right before the craziness of the pandemic hit, we actually stocked up on some new t-shirt designs at Cressey Sports Performance. Since the facilities aren’t open right now, it seemed like a good opportunity to prioritize clothing and make these available! Some are new, and some are reprints of old favorites. Just click on the bolded hyperlinks below to add them to your cart.

Fall 2019 CSP/New Balance Baseball 3/4 Sleeve (previously only available to our pro athletes): sold out!

Indigo (brand new): XXL, Extra Large

White (brand new): Extra Large, Large

Red (old favorite): Extra Large, Large, Medium

Black Elite Baseball Development (reprint of our most popular t-shirt ever): XXL, Extra Large, Large, Medium, Small

Or, if you’d like to get one of each, you can get five t-shirts for $100 with free shipping. Just add THIS to your cart and let us know what size you want in the comments section of your order.